Sunday, April 02, 2006

- yummy food in indo -

all of a sudden crave a type of dessert that we've got back in indo...
it's called bubur sum sum... I LOVE IT!!! it's kinda difficult to find here though.. in fact, never found them here.. when my mom was here last year she made them for me, but mmm... it tastes different to the one that i usually have back home...
anyway, i was very curious... so i try to look for the recipe online... couldn't find it :( ,mmm but, i found an interesting post <see here>.
this guy posted about the list of food that he will definitely have when he's back in indo... n i thought, funny, i do the same thing.. before i go back home, i always make a list of foods that i'm determined to have when i'm back there.. it has become like a routine to me... =)
here we go...

  • martabak manis keju coklat kacang

  • eaton's cheese cake

  • bubur sum sum

  • nasi goreng & mi tek tek

  • hoka hoka bento

  • pizza hut's salad

  • jagung bakar

  • mangga muda

and when my mom comes to melbourne, there's also a list of yummy food that she always cooks for us...

  • nasi uduk

  • bak kien

  • nasi ayam jamur

  • nastar

  • kue corn flakes

in singapore there is the carrot cake, soup with crusty bread on top, food court takashimaya, kaya toast, etc...
in fact, come to think of it, every where i go, i kinda have a list of food that i wanna have.. hahahahah
i'm a food freak =P