Friday, November 28, 2008


Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Photo credit: wesleyrosenblum's photostream

Since listening to Paul & Shanon's conversation on Wednesday about Peanut Satay sauce I can't stop thinking about them. The above photos (and this one here, Jackie {Donnelly Images}'s photostream) seem to fit their description of the thick chutney style peanut sauce. Yum!!!

Tape Singkong (Fermented Sweet Cassava)

Photo credit: TAPE SINGKONG « Ketela go International

This one came out from discussion about yeast and beer with Brendan yesterday. Can't stop thinking about this too.. Hmm I wonder when do I get to eat these things...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

To Have and To Hold ....

... from this day onward.

To my better half, Shanon (Boris)...

I am one very very very VERY lucky gal - to have found the perfect fit in you, and most importantly, to have and enjoy love like ours.

Love, Shelvia (Mino)


P.S.: I can never really thank everyone enough for such an amazing and perfect memory of an ultra-special day.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Just What I Needed...

Using a House Move to De-Clutter - Relocation Expert (UK)

Declutter Before You Pack To Move House | Content for Reprint

VicRoads Change of Address Online Form

I love it! It's EXTREMELY simple and straight forward - with the right amount of details. Online form perfection I'd say.

Hmm.. The "Change of Gender" option (on the left side links) got me giggling though.. =P
I guess I'm not open-minded enough.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Minimalism & Decluttering

In the beginning of this year, I came across the following posts...
- "A Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home" by Zen Habits;
- Editing Your Life by Stepcase Lifehack;
- Discardia.

I found the concept of decluttering and minimalism very intriguing.

I'm quite organised (or so I'd like to think); but my habit of hanging on to things is a big downfall in terms of clutter. Plus, once you live in a home for a few years, you just accumulate stuffs (hidden all around the house). However, I've been consciously acting on this though. Throughout this year, I've donated 3-4 times big batches of stuffs from home and I've tried to limit the buying of new stuffs. Still, one giant proper cleaning and sorting session is definitely long overdue.

Now - I'm moving out in a couple of weeks, to Shanon's place, to start our new life as "husband and wife" *giggles*. So I'm thinking - THIS is IT! This is the opportunity that I've been waiting for. I've always enjoy moving and organizing a new place, cause I get to see ALL the things that I have and placed them as I see fit NOW, instead of how I see them a few years ago. This is a bit tricky though, cause I'm not moving to an empty space. I'll have to work around that by first making room and perhaps organize some new storage options at Shanon's place.

Gosh - less than two weeks now!

I really want to use this opportunity to DOWN SIZE my belongings. I testify that I have experienced first hand the AWESOME feeling of having LESS stuffs. I love my wardrobe more and more at the end of my de-cluttering sessions. Plus, the benefits of dressing better because of it - people do comment - is great too! I have to say that it is much easier to pick the right clothing to wear when you love ALMOST-everything in your wardrobe.

Ideally, I'd like to ONLY keep the stuffs that I use or need or REALLY want. Everything else get donated, gifted or bin. How much can I hold on to my words? We'll see.

So far, I've cleaned out my wardrobe and I've learned a few things throughout my 3-4 cleanup sessions this year:
1. I like the structured version for small/medium bag; leave the unstructured ones for massive bag.
2. I very much DON'T like Rubber Waisted Skirt!!! Seriously. 99% of the time, they are very non-complimenting. Hmm.. I wonder why I bought them in the first place.
3. In general, I also don't like High Waisted Pants or even Medium High ones (the ones that reaches my belly button). They are very difficult to wear with anything. Rarely looks nice (well - on me anyway).
4. I have to be careful with my colour choice when shopping for clothing. Make sure I have at least something to wear with this new piece. Otherwise, it ends up just sitting there staring at me until the time of donation.
5. Stop buying MULTIPLE of the same things (especially when it looks rather unique). It just makes it less special! Actually, also on buying MULTIPLE things, I have to STOP buying TOO MUCH things that serves the SAME purpose (e.g. I really don't need 5 different scissors in every room - but I do).
6. As much as I'd like to be a girlie girl, I really don't need to stock 20 different necklaces, 20 different bracelets, 20 different earrings, etc etc.
7. Software CD or boot up diskette for Windows 98 are Waaaaaayyyyy OUT OF DATE! Bin please!

Anyway - I'll report more on my progress later.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


*LOL* I have to say - this is one very strange post title for my blog! :) But - it is the right title!

I like Broccoli. Stir Fry with Garlic sauce. Steamed with a little bit of Salt & Pepper. I do like them a lot. The crunchy texture. The fresh taste.

Now - why the sudden love confession towards Broccoli - you may ask?

Well... I know a lot of people who don't like them and today, I stumbled across this very awesome food blog, The Amateur Gourmet, which has a post titled "The Best Broccoli of Your Life". Intrigued yet? =)

How about now?

I can't wait to try this out! :) Oh well.. I thought I should share this news anyway. Even if I can convert one or two people to be Broccoli lovers, my post would be worth it. :P

Yippee... Thanks Adam! Spectacular blog you have there by the way - if you're reading!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

My Most Recent Google Search Result

It's the "Favorite Wedding Band Engravings" page.

My personal favorite?
"Put me back on!" OR "Put it back on!"

Tee hee hee..

Thursday, November 06, 2008


I'm getting more and more intrigued by this particular interest of mine.

More recently, I'm starting to consider photography as an option to pursue as a career. Though I've only started to experiments with photo taking quite recently; I've always been mesmerized by photos. I used to love having my photos taken (what a narcissistic!) - but I got bored of it. There can only be so much faces one can pull! :P

I read this article today and thought that it might comes in handy one day (hopefully that one day isn't too far away!)... 5 Tips for Building Your Photography Portfolio

Now - I just need to do some calculation and figure out when can I afford to buy an SLR! :)


Not Just Any Sentence

"Often, it's the people closest to us who see the worst of us."
I read this sentence in "5 Reasons to Leave a Crappy Job" article by Steve Errey, from The Confidence Guy and think...
"What a well constructed sentence which delivers the message in such small number of words!"

There has been a few instances where I felt that way but when I try to put them in words, it becomes complicated to make sure I don't send the wrong message. :P I'm so happy to have found that sentence! (please don't think I'm a total freak or if you do, please keep it to yourself...)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Foodie Must Eat: Sydney

From my recent visit to Sydney with my sis and Lia comes a list of places in Sydney I will definitely make time to eat in when I visit...

* Sydney Fish Market (Lobster Mornay!!! Sashimi!!! Pat and Sticks Ice Cream!!!)
Blackwattle Bay. Cnr Pyrmont Bridge Road & Bank Street.
(02) 9004 1100 (website)

* Chat Thai (their mini Chinese Donut and Kaya sauce is just ..... YUMM!!!)
Shop 5 Food Ave, 500 George St
(02) 9264 7109

* Cafe Sopra
1/7 Danks St, Waterloo 2017.
Ph: (02) 9699 3174 (website)

* Sushi Bar Makoto City
119 Liverpool Street (Cnr, Pitt & Liverpool St.)
Phone: (02) 9283-6767

* Poporo Japancese Cafe in Market City

* Emperor's Puff in Chinatown

* Dragon Star Yum Cha
Market City Level 3
9 Hay Street, Haymarket, Chinatown Sydney
Tel: +61 (02) 9211 8388

* Uighur Cuisine
Shop 1/8 Dixon St, Sydney
(02) 9267 8555

* Grace Hotel - Super Yummy Chai Latte
77 York Street, Sydney

* Hurricane's Grill Darling Harbour - MAXI RIBS

* Harry de Wheels Chilli Dog ^.^

Then make sure get take away from Kingsford:
* Rosebery Martabak MARTABAK! what's more to say?) 341A Anzac Parade, Kingsford, NSW 2032
* Pinangsia Noodle (Bakso, Bakmi...)
* Nasi Goreng (sauce ayam sere dan sambal pecel lele)
* Ayam Goreng 99 (Hati, Ampla, Tempe, Tahu, Ayam bakar, Ayam kuning)
* Shallom (ayam bumbu rujak)

I've also tried out the crazy Deep Fried Mars Bar [] from Bondi Surf Seafood. Once in a life time type experience! :P haha

Then there's the to-try list...
* Portugese Chicken on Rice - yet to find where from - but probably Cafe de Macau
* Ramen Kan in Haymarket
* Daniang Dumpling
* Mamak (15 Goulbourn St, Sydney)

Dumb Little Man on Fair Rules

I really like this particular life tips....
"Demanding “fair” rules"
Frankly, life can never be perfectly fair. From the minute we’re born, we have different opportunities and advantages in life. Have you ever noticed how little kids kick up a fuss if you alter the rules of a game to help out the smallest one, or to give a disabled kid a chance? Don’t be like that in life. If you’re a white male, maybe you feel that positive discrimination by employers is totally unreasonable – but remember that life starts off unfair.
-- Taken from Dumb Little Man's Post, "Are You Behaving Like Dumb Little Kid?"

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dainty Sichuan Food

One of Melbourne's unique food offering is Dainty Sichuan restaurant.

It's tucked away in an alleyway a little bit off the China Town area... 26 Corrs Lane, Melbourne. I normally enter from the dodgy-looking-alleyway off Lonsdale St, right next to the Dragon Boat Palace Restaurant (see below picture - near corner of Russell and Lonsdale).

I went there with my friend, Lia, on a Sunday afternoon to satisfy our craving of insanely spicy food a few weeks ago, not knowing that they are open on 2:30 in the afternoon on weekends. Luckily, we like our Sunday sleep ins and planned to have it as our late afternoon meal so it works out great for us. Here's a picture of Lia when it was JUST opened on that Sunday.

The restaurant became packed within the next 20 minutes or so. Crazy.

And here's a picture of my favorite dish...

Cold sesame noodle! Yum!!! :) It definitely gets my tongue moving! :P

Check out their review at The Age Epicure.