Tuesday, January 31, 2006

bikram yoga

decided today in the class that i'm gonna write about my experience doing Bikram Yoga...

found them very different to the other sort of exercise i've tried. it's nothing like the yoga class i tried in re-creation or fitness first. it's very 'strong' as in at the point of doing it i feel like i can't do anymore of this... =) the thing is, afterwards, i feel great... at nite i sleep better and in the daytime my head feels clearer somehow... well it could be my mind playing up with me... hihi =D

it's done in a heated room where without doing anything u've sweat like crazy hehe.. combines with the stretches and the balancing you're trying to do in the class... i wet my big towel with sweat everytime i go - it's much more than the sweat i get out of cycle class!!!
haha i know this sounds kinda silly. me talking bout bikram yoga.. haha =D well been doing it 4x now.. and going there soon tonite.. i reckon it's definitely something worth trying... =D
but right now i feel like getting a full body massage... i know... yoga supposed to make me feels relaxed but somehow it triggers me to feel like getting massage even more... maybe i'm not doing it correctly :P anyway... seriously feels like a massage.. any recommendation? somewhere cheap and good?

Monday, January 30, 2006

my million thoughts - wish i could transform them into $$$ -

it's been a while since my last post. thought i'll share some of my recent thoughts... well.. here we go..

Lee Harding (the third last finalist to go in Australian Idol) released a single... when i was in Virgin music store, i saw the cd, and i can't help but wonder, what does abi mean? cause the title of the single is was abi.. i browse around the store and listen to couple new songs but still couldn't get the thought of abi out of my mind.. what does it mean????? then i came across another cd of him, same songs, different style of cover... and it hit me.. it's wasabi!!! the Japanese chili!!! *LOL* i feel so silly... but then i realised, how much of a different someone's perspective is... if you don't look at something closely, you could easily misinterpret the whole meaning... so i guess, it's sort of a lesson for me.. next time when i came across something, i'll have to look closely before i start assuming and judging it... =)

ADSL connection!!! you know what happened? i disconnected myself from iiNet and connect to Optus as soon as i got back from my holiday (i travelled from Melbourne to Jakarta to Bali to Sby to Jakarta to Japan to Jakarta to Melbourne)... they told me it will take 10 working days to connect... on the 9th day i received an installation cd. so i called up and they say that my phone line is ready. so i set up my modem, router and so on... took me four hours and three phone calls to Optus to finally give up!!! arghhhhhhh!!! it's not working... i couldn't work out why and the Optus people keep on referring me to NetComm (the company who made my modem).. they seem to be so sure that my modem is the problem... so i gave up and on the next day, went and bought a new d-link modem (similar to the one Optus preferred) and set it up once more.. spent an hour and a phone call. i insist on saying it's not the modem's fault cause the new modem wouldn't work either. so, they arranged for a technician to check up on my phone line etc. funny thing is i'm so sure it couldn't be my phone line, i mean, i was connected fine to iiNet previously what? so... took another 3 working days for the technician to be able to contact me... this morning at 8 o clock received a phone call, from the technician, telling me to try to connect my modem, guess what??? it's working!!! i was happy but curious... so i asked, what went wrong? and you know what, the guy said that 'there's a loose end in the exchange' ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! so i said 'oh.. k, thanks!'
but truth is, i couldn't help to think, along the way from my home to work, that all these times, i've spent so much time on setting it up, and then having to live with dial up connections for ~2.5 wks... (believe me, it's not fun at all!!!)... all those times, this loose end is hanging there waiting for someone to notice it!!!
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! terribly unhappy... but oh well, i've got them set up now... so i guess, it's just another story... some things aren't under our control at all... =P

k now... easter holiday.. confusedddddddddd!!! Adelaide, Tasmania or Wilson's Prom???? been to Wilson's Prom, but really want to go back there... it's a beautiful place... extremely beautiful... Tasmania seems to be a beautiful place too.. but might cost quite a lot to go there... most likely going to Adelaide... has anyone been there before? recommendation of places to visit? =)))

next, on my list of things to try... i can cross off Bikram Yoga.. been wanting to try it since last year, so end up trying it last week, since then i've went 3x and every single time wanting even more to go again.. it's a different kind of exercise but i could feel the result of doing it... =D but it costs quite a lot though.. gotta be 17$ a session or 140$ for 10 visits.. not sure if i should continue... especially on top of the money i've already paid fitness first for my gym membership... anyway.. gotta think bout this before deciding...

last topic of the day... wanna add some more things to do on my list:
Circus training
Pole dancing?? ;P hahahahhaa naughty naughty.. but it sounds fun and it's the latest kind of exercise =P...

also feel like going diving and karaoke again... yeah yeah i know they're two very different things... but that's how my mind work... what can i do bout it hahaha i always think about lots of things at the same time... feel like i'm constantly brainstorming and there are points where i wish i could open my head up and take my brain out and pour it out and it magically transform into written thoughts like this... :P hahaha
well... at the very least, this year i have to be able to learn how to ride a bicycle and the dance classes... ^.^

cherioooo thx for listening! =D

PS. watched the OC yesterday (up to 8th episode of 3rd season)... finally.. an episode which has all the problems solved -happy time-.. ^.^ loving it... but i guess it won't last long (as in the happy time)...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

2005: TRULY the year when i try new things...

to add to the list...
diving DONE
flying fish DONE
visit surabaya DONE
in Bali with my best gal pals in the world DONE
rafting DONE
visit japan DONE
in love ONGOING ;)

.... =) i'm extremely happy with my achievements... =D

2006, these are the to-do list...
learn how to ride a bike!!!
dance classes...