Thursday, May 31, 2007

Desire for Picnic at a Lakeside

I suddenly have this MASSIVE urge of going for a picnic at a lakeside. Fine - it doesn't have to be at a lakeside. Has to be on the grass though.

I'll get to eat my sandwich (cut in a triangle shape n first bite off the middle of the sandwich - NOT from the side!!!). Yumm...

With cheese and crackers. Some fruit salad. What else? Mmm.. wine maybe? Though with my level of tolerance towards alcohol, maybe apple/grape spritzer would be better.
Then, the one thing that can't be forgotten; i.e. DESSERT!!! Quadriple Yummm.... (It's DEFINITELY more than quadriple yumm but I like quadriple word.. :P)

Anyway - here's some holiday inspirational links...
- Lakeside Picnic !! - source: Virtual Tourist
- Holiday Shop
- Visit Yarra Valley
- Marylands Country House

and if you have moreee $ $ $ to spare ...
- NYC - Things to do - source: Virtual Tourist
- Paris - Things to do - source: Virtual Tourist

I'm DESPERATELY SEEKING for a proper holiday!!! It needs to be cheap and LOTS OF FUN and relaxation and glamorous though. Complete with yummy food, 5-stars-hotels, fabulous sceneries... :P


Thursday, May 24, 2007

boredom: topic of the day

why do people get bored?
why does it seem that some people find it easy to be happy and content?
why do i get bored?
why do i get into this cycle of boredom again and again?

is wanting to be able to actually enjoy your work overrated?
or is wanting to have as much money as possible overrated?
actually... what is overrated? what is not?

what is wrong with me?
what is it that i want?

all i know is that this boredom is not doing me any good...
it makes me feel like eating all the time...
it makes me an annoying soul that whinge all the time...
it makes me wonder and dislike myself even more...

"Boredom is a condition characterized by perception of one's environment as dull, tedious, and lacking stimuli." -- wikipedia

yes - that's it.
i need to introduce stimuli in my life :P

"A common way to escape boredom is through creative thoughts or daydreaming." -- wikipedia

Mmmm.. daydreaming... let's see...
I'm in New York... walking down Fifth Avenue... looking at the pretty people walking quickly around me... looking at the shops.. visiting Macy's... taking the boat to Brooklyn... seeing different kind of people... let's see... what else? snowing? maybe... that would be nice... ^.^

La la la Bored.

My Horoscopes (Virgo) for the day..

If you find your companions a bit too stodgy, today is the day to jostle them out of their complacency. You may enjoy experimenting with a bit of naughtiness. For example, how will the people around you react if you transgress certain taboos, such as talking openly about sex? Since you're quite comfortable with the subject, why not have fun stretching the limits of convention?

-- My Yahoo!


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The simple gesture that makes my day...

I've been having a x( day and the nite didn't seem to get any better...

That is until a kind-hearted good-looking guy buzzed my door and surprised me with a chocolate mud cake and vanilla ice cream...

Yummmmm... such a sweet surprise (both literally and mentally :P) ...
It changes the overall rating of my day today :)

For that guy, if you're reading... "Thank you - I really appreciate it.. ^.^"

Monday, May 21, 2007

A Monday Daily Motivator

A great place to be

If you're unhappy with what you already have, then getting more is not going to make things better. Instead of fighting against what is, make full and loving use of it.

Instead of striving for what you think you lack, simply change your thinking. Realize that where you are is a great place to be.

Achievements and possessions will never make you happy. They can, however, serve as tangible expressions of the happiness you have chosen to create within yourself.

Do you feel that something is missing in your life? Most likely, the only thing really missing is your commitment to fully accept and live the abundance that is already there.

That abundance comes to you in the people, places, things, events and situations that flow through your life each day. The way to connect with it is through sincere and sustained gratitude.

Be truly thankful for it all, for the ups and the downs, the pleasures and the pains, the progress and the setbacks. Joyfully accept what is, and you'll surely find it is a great place to be.

-- Ralph Marston

-- extracted from The Daily Motivator

I am very happy with who/what surrounds me and I realize that I'm extremely lucky to have great people around me almost all the time.
Sometimes though, I am not very happy with myself - that's normal rite? =^.^=

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Edge - Eureka Skydeck 88

The Edge - Eureka Skydec88.

Shanon sent me this link, The Fear of Falling, a little while ago - early May I think. I flick through it; but for some reasons didn't really translate the content in my head.
More recently, Chai (my colleague) talked about this glass cube (I'm talking ceiling, floor and walls) in Eureka Tower where you walk in there while it is blurry. Then, they'll flick a switch, you'll hear a crack sound and the glass will change from blurry to transparent. Geez - it sounded very cool!!! Then and there I made up my mind to go and check it out! :P
Then today I was going through some of my to-do list and this link was on the list - so thought I'd read the post properly this time. Ick!!! How annoying. If I had read through the post properly - I would have known about it first!!! :P hahahaha *Kia-Su*

Anyway, it's definitely on my places-to-visit-list.

PS: Found another interesting blog of a Melburnian - Metroblogging Melbourne. Check it out!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

New haircut :)


i like this pic of me n Shanon so much... =)))

... but it's blurry.... x|

snap a shot with sam - my lovely colleague :)))


Saw this picture in Bernie's blog's Flicker...
Mmmm... *dreamy look* looks like BIG PILE of fun to me...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Husband Store

A store that sells new husbands has just opened in New York City , where a woman may go to choose a husband.. Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates:

You may visit this store ONLY ONCE! There are six floors and the value of the products increases as the shopper ascends the flights.
The shopper may choose any item from a particular floor, or may choose to go up to the next floor, but you cannot go back down except to exit the building!

So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband.

On the first floor the sign on the door reads:
Floor 1 - These men Have Jobs.

The second floor sign reads:
Floor 2 - These men Have Jobs and Love Kids.

The third floor sign reads:
Floor 3 - These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, and are Extremely Good Looking.
Wow," she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going.

She goes to the fourth floor and sign reads:
Floor 4 - These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Good Looking and help with Housework. "Oh, mercy me!" she exclaims, "I can hardly stand it!"

Still, she goes to the fifth floor and sign reads:
Floor 5 - These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Gorgeous, Help with Housework, and Have a Strong Romantic Streak.

She is so tempted to stay, but she goes to the sixth floor and the Sign reads:
Floor 6 - You are visitor 31,456,012 to this floor - there are NO men on this floor. This floor exists solely as proof that women are impossible to please.

Thank you for shopping at the Husband Store.

To avoid gender bias charges, the store's owner opens a new Wives Store just across the street.

The first floor has wives that love sex.

The second floor has wives that love sex and have money.

The third through sixth floors have never been visited.

Is it true that women are IMPOSSIBLE to please?
Or is it just the case of women has higher level of curiosity? :P

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day


Love you...

Monday, May 07, 2007

mmm... ^.^ ...mmm

i can feel my holiday desire building ....

... wilson's prom is such a beautiful place!

My Favorite Mistake

In Greys Anatomy, Season 3 Episode 19; "My Favorite Mistake" Izzie Stevens said:
... just let yourself fall.
Messing up.
It's what makes a person.
It's how we learn, where we find joy.
And the things you don't plan for are things you never see coming.

to which Meredith replied ...
The thing about plans is they don't take into account the unexpected.
So when we're thrown a curve ball, we have to improvise.
Of course, some of us are better at it than others.
Some of us have to move on to plan B and make the best of it.
And sometimes what we want is exactly what we need, but sometimes what we need is a new plan.

Another excellent episode...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

my mixed emotions

i'm annoyed ... at how things are at the moment.

i'm angry ... with certain people who won't understand me and how i feel.

i'm frustrated ... with myself for not saying things out loud.

why does it have to be like this?
what do i mean "like this" anyway?
did i cause it myself by over thinking?
am i really over thinking? really?
is the solution for all this is simply to stop thinking and start ignoring? really?

why can't i just fast forward to the good bits?
do i really want to fast forward this whole thing?

anyway ...
i'm sad ... missing someone ...
it's a tad ridiculous especially since i've met this person couple hours ago ...

the million dollar question is ...
why can't i just be happy and that's it; i.e. why does this great happiness that I've just found has to come with all these problems/dramas/issues/whatever-you-wanna-call-it?