Friday, October 02, 2009

Good bye

It's definitely time to shed my skins.
I'm leaving this chapter and starting off a fresh new one.
Turning over a new leaf.

Thank you for your hospitality all along.
I had my big share of fun with this.
It is now time to grow up and wander to another world!

This is me - pressing my life reset button.
It's time.

Good bye.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

It isn't me.

The blog. This blog. Doesn't feel like me. Doesn't look like me.
But then again - maybe I just don't feel like myself.
Maybe it is not the blog. Maybe it is me.

I'm shedding my skin. I feel myself changing. I know I am changing.
I just don't know what am I becoming - which is very unsettling.
Is it for the better? Am I turning bad?

Odd... Out of place.
I want to disappear.


I feel odd.

Here - but not here.
Swimming - but not in the water.
Eating - but not tasting.

What's happening?

I'm observing my surrounding with curiosity.
I'm wondering what I love and what I hate with uncertainty.

Feeling a bit of the melancholia.
Feeling out of place - out of this world.

I feel odd.