Wednesday, April 30, 2008

iVillage Career Personality Test

It says to me...
You would most enjoy a career that allows you to meet new people. You would also be happiest in a career that allows you to be free and flexible, and allows you to be extremely creative. Some careers that would be perfect for you are:

* Stockbroker
* Secretary
* Receptionist
* Director
* Recruitment Consultant
* Politician
* Marketing
* Human Resources Manager
* Religious Minister
* Teacher
* Lawyer
* Advertising
* Consultant
* Financial Adviser
* Financial Planner
* GP
* Physical Therapy
* Occupational Therapy
* Public Relations
* Estate Agent
* Travel Agent
* Restauranteur
* Hotel Manager
* Events Organiser

You are a great leader. You genuinely enjoy being around other people. Your relationships with others are very important to you. You love talking and meeting new people. You are very enthusiastic about work and about all that you do and have in your life. You love being the focus of attention. You enjoy a fast pace. You are very socially oriented. Therefore, you are much happier being with others than you are alone. You crave interaction with others.

You are very spontaneous and often act before you think. You are always quick to answer when you are asked a question, even if you aren't sure of the answer. It is easier for you to improvise as you go along. You enjoy thinking out loud, and are most creative when brainstorming with friends or colleagues. You enjoy being involved in many activities.

You are very easy to read, and often wear your heart on your sleeve. You are never afraid to tell people what you think. You are very empathetic and genuine. You can sometimes be seen as over-emotional or too involved by others. But that is only because you tend to get so involved in the things you do that they become personal. You want to be adored, loved and appreciated. You like to please others and to make sure people are happy.

You trust your gut instincts. You are easily inspired and trust that inspiration. You are very innovative. You analyse things by looking at the big picture. You are concerned about how what you do affects others. You worry about your actions and the future. You tend to use a lot of metaphors and are very descriptive and colourful in your choice of language.

You are very creative, and get bored easily if you don't get to express yourself. You like to learn new things. You don't like the same old routine. You like to leave your options open.

How true is this of me? Opinions will be very ... very very appreciated! :)

Test can be taken here.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


... to one of my dearest friend, Jefrey and Octa, for their impending engagement in May and the wedding plan for sometime between March - May next year!!! ^.^ Hopefully I'll get to attend it!

And of course, to Yennie (Pankie), who's also planning her wedding for next year!

Mmmm - almost (but didn't) forget - to Jessy and Hansen who's getting married later this year!!! Can't wait to see their pre-wed pictures! :)
Taken from Seattle Weddings and Wedding Cruises With Argosy Cruises

Yippeee... :)))

Happy Birthday Li'l Sis and Softies Central (Aduh.. Lucunya!)

Taken from Coolest Birthday Cake Ideas - Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Photo Gallery.

Happy Birthday to my Cutest, Prettiest, Coolest, Bestest, Nicest, and Most Awesome Li'l Sis (Shelwin) who turned 21 today!!! Yippeeeeeyyyy!
Mmm.. Yeah.. I only have one sis :P

Now, look at these super duper cute softies!!!
by Cerya by gdpatooties by Silvia Leite

They are the finalists to the 2nd Annual Softies Awards presented by Softies Central. More finalists available here! Definitely worth checking out! :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My dream home...

Inspired by Apartment Therapy's Small Cool 2008 and How my house would look like…. I wish. « Kwento ng buhay, Kuru-kuro @ Iba pa.

The Cosy Window Seat (with translucent light cream curtains)
Where I would have my lazy lie down with a good book and a cup of skinny-but-creamy-hot-chocolate, accompanied by Boris, Mino and Divina... Preferably in my bedroom... Something like this (with better coloring... :P)
Taken from Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Odd Space Solution: Stephanie's DIY Bay Windows.

Mmmm actually, something like this is more like it!
Taken from Danielle Trippett - Interior Design

With this kind of curtains...
Taken from Danielle Trippett - Interior Design.

Who'll wear the pretty dress/skirt/wrap that I was given a while ago and love but - can't quite decide how and when to wear...
*can't find a picture yet!* In the mean time ,(Mmmm.. I've said this phrase a lot of times, but it feels like this is the first time I typed it cause I didn't quite know which "mean" word is used to the point that I have to Google it to make sure I'm using the right word :P, check out Lori Trager's bedroom (from Kyle XY) for the mannequin sample!
Maybe.. something like this :)
Taken from StyleHive.

King Size Bed Prettily Made Up with Extremely Fluffy Quilt plus Annoyingly-Lots-of-Pretty-Pillows
Where I'll lie around on a lazy Sunday winter morning, snuggling under the fluffy quilt, just daydreaming, not doing anything, nothing at all... :P
Taken from Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #23: Stephanie's Life of Pie.

Spacious Walk in Robe
Where all my pretty clothes (after I throw away all my ugly ones :P) will be visible, within reach, and don't get wrinkly cause they're crushed against each other... Preferably, the one that has proper door, so that my clothes don't collect dust :P
Taken from asselle UK site.

An Inviting Bath Tub
Where I would relax after a long week at work or I could even wallow... :P
Taken from Studio Bagno - Celine Bath Tub.

Rain Shower plus 2 Sink/Mirror Sets
Mmm... who can resist a shower like this?
Taken from The Luxury Rain Shower :: Zucchetti Rubinetteria | Vagablond.
Taken from Howstuffworks "Selecting Bathroom Fixtures".

and a towel radiator, please...
Taken from Trade Plumbing UK.

Ideal Living Room
Where I'd watch re-runs of Veronica Mars, or more of Kyle XY, or Grey's Anatomy... I could also sing along to my SingStar PS2 game or jump up and down like crazy playing Wii - Sport Tennis game.
Taken from Apartment Therapy New York | International #1: Aad's Compact Dwelling (Suitable for Laziness).

Or maybe something like this would do too.. (the rug definitely works for me!)
Taken from Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #20: Debbie's Beach Chic.

and wouldn't mind this kind of TV...
Taken from Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #20: Rob's Loft

Plush Couch (also with lots of cute and fluffy pillows)
This living room looks soooo pretty and stylish!!! Plus the couch is inviting! I might put a little bit of soft colour-ed pillows in though plus some baby blue throw (to warm me up when I'm watching stuffs).. :P
Taken from Apartment Therapy New York | International #10: Marcus & Mel's Charming Flat.

Book Shelves
Which will hold all my house and interior magazines, my cute coloured books, my photo frames... and the cute pastel marshmallow sandwich that Shanon brought back from France. Something like this would be nice...
Taken from Apartment Therapy New York | East #26: Ed+Ev's Studio of Great Ideas.

Two Storeys
For some reasons that I can't quite pinned down, I can't resist two storeys. Maybe, it's the idea of having privacy of the bedrooms upstairs, separate to other things.
This picture shows a very intriguing two storey setting.
Taken from Apartment Therapy New York | International #8: Nicolas' Mini Loft.

Or maybe, I just like stairs...
Taken from Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | International #7: Danielle & Lakshans Urban Cottage.

Where I could blog away my crazy random thoughts...
Taken from Apple - iMac site.

Study / Workspace
Where the iMac would sit and I would surf the net, or do my finances, or just typing away emails to my best friends...
Taken from Apartment Therapy New York | Room & Board Presents: A Workspace that Actually Works.

Kitchen & Dining
Where I can attempt to bake, cook and clean. Mmmm.. I want one that is spacious yet not cold (have a live in feel to it) with classy fridge, oven, dishwasher, big wide sink and massive pantry that will hide my small appliances. :P
This one is quite comfortable and pretty I think, though might be a little too colourful for me.
Taken from Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #28: Kim's Treetop Nest.

Or maybe this one here...
Taken from Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA House Tour: Glen's Living Large In a Small Space.

Though again - I prefer a less orangey coloured kitchen... Mmm I like this colour...
Taken from What Kind of Kitchen Are You? « KitchAnn Style.

Here's a very very very nice one! Absolutely love it!
Taken from Danielle Trippett - Interior Design.

* Light Plush Carpets in the Bedrooms and Study.
* Floorboard and Thick Soft Rugs for Living Room and Hallway.
* Tiles or granites for Bathroom and Kitchen.

Well - this is something that I'm not so certain yet...
I like soft and light beige and white colour combination. But I also like white and light blue. Also, like white and dark brown. Or, all white... Might leave this one to the other person in the house seeing that I'm a little lack of colour coordination :P
I think this studio has a very nice colour splash. Love it!
Taken from Apartment Therapy New York | East #20: Uma's Minimal Chic Studio.

Or, this pretty page might help me decide... Domino Paint Palette

Updated on the 28th April 2008:
Double Storey High Ceilings Gap
Another plus point from Two Storeys place is that I can have a room with double storey high ceilings.. I find them very very attractive and classy.
Taken from Interior at 154 Montevista, Dollard-des-Ormeaux.
Something like the above setting is nice - but this house is a bit too big for my liking.. :)
End of Update

Updated on the 29th April 2008:
I can't believe I forgot this part! Seriously! :) I would love to have a balcony please.. Just a small one where I can lie around and look at the sky after a long day at work or even better, with sunset view.. :) Please!!! Mmmm...
Taken from Apartment Therapy New York | Balconies & Terraces The New York Times 4.27.08.
This one is probably too crowded for my liking, but the view is great..
End of Update

Mmmmm... When can I move in? *Dreamy Look*

PS: Domino has very pretty Dining and Living Room images gallery..

More Recent Thoughts on Expectation

“The best things in life are unexpected - because there were no expectations.”
-- Eli Khamarov

These past few days I've had a lot of time to think and properly observe things that are going around me. Well, that and a few episodes of Kyle XY also make me see through this new life lesson (new to me anyway).

Expectations can be very dangerous. As per the words of Elliot Larson of, "Anger always comes from frustrated expectations."

It's one thing to expect something out of yourself, it's another to expect from someone else. You're bound to be less happy for expecting something (from someone else). See, if you don't get what you expected, it commonly resulted in anger. Then, if you get something great that you expect, it becomes less great (than when it is unexpected - referring to Eli Khamarov's quote at the beginning of this post). Well, why rob yourself of the best thing in life?

Take Kyle for example, the first few episodes saw him living as a happy innocent child with no expectations of others. As he progresses through days, this changes. The Jodi Picoult book that I'm currently reading -see this post- (Nineteen Minutes) is touching on this topic quite a bit too. The parents' expectations of the child. The children's expectations of the parents. The friends' expectations of another. The girlfriend expectations of a boyfriend. The list goes on and on.
“I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can't be helped.”
-- Frederick Perls (Gestalt prayer)

The above quote would sound very selfish to me a few days ago. But, that was the naive me. The silly me who thinks that I should be able to expect from my closed ones (my family, my best friends, my partner) and that they should be able to expect from me. I've been observing some people for a while, wondering why does bad things seem to hurt them less and good things seem to make them happy for longer. I've also been wondering, why is it sometimes it seems that our relationship with acquaintances are so much simpler. Or, more strangely, why does a stranger's smile makes me happy? (see my recent post on happiness). What I've been looking for, has now become crystal clear to me.
“Happiness equals reality minus expectations”
-- Tom Magliozzi

The more I think about it, the more certain I am that it's best to strive to "Do not expect, just appreciate!" (Even more so with the loved ones closest to you).

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Giving & Unconditional Love

"The ability to share and to give yield greater pleasure than to receive."
"Giving is an act that comes naturally from the heart and goes in harmony with your heart; just like a heartbeat. When you are truly giving, the thought of compensation never comes into the picture.
However, the universe works in a magical way; the more you give without the thought of compensation, the more you receive from the universe.", says Boon Kiat Chua
“Blessed are those that can give without remembering and take without forgetting.”
-— Liz Bebesco

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”
-— Erin Majors

An extract from Peter Granger's article, "Unconditional Love - A Vital Aspect Of Successful Relationships":
"Think about all the conditions you have set yourself for happiness - make a list of them. Notice how we can spend our whole life waiting for these things to be fulfilled. Even if we fulfil one, we then create a new one! All of these conditions have one thing in common, and ironically it is a flaw that prevents us ever finding lasting happiness. Each of these conditions is about bringing something from the outside, to make us happy. Each of these conditions is designed to meet a need - to fill an emptiness we have inside. These conditions fail because ultimately we cannot ask anybody else or any situation to heal our insecurities and sense of lack - we must do that ourselves.


To be able to love somebody unconditionally we need to be able to see through the surface behaviour to the beautiful, innocent, perfect person underneath. If you find this hard to do today - think back to the time you fell in love with them. Those amazing feelings came about because you were loving them unconditionally - faults and all! It was only later those faults became more obvious as you settled down to a longer-term relationship. So think back to those heady times and visualise yourselves back in that situation of falling in love. Re-live those feelings and then take a long, compassionate look at your partner - see their beauty and grace and imagine yourself melting into them. Forgive them for failing your conditions and forgive yourself for doing the same. If you can, tell them how much you appreciate and love them and remind them of those original wonderful times together - those feelings are still available as soon as you stop judging them and placing conditions on your love.

Conditional love is a viscous circle because if we withdraw our love as a form of punishment, our partner does exactly the same to us. Unconditional love has the opposite effect - it reinforces itself because the forgiveness and acceptance is felt as pure love by our partners and they then naturally return it. Practice unconditional love at every opportunity with your partners, family, friends and colleagues - it is the key to sustained happiness."

Last but not least, this following "Forgiveness: Acceptance And Letting Go" - by Margaret Paul article, really does speak to me... I was going to extract pieces from it, but it seems inappropriate to rob you off the chance to read through it yourself. It begins with ...
"Have you ever noticed the difference in people who are able to easily let go of resentment and forgive, and those who stay in anger and blame?"

Taken from various articles in Articles Garage to remind myself of the importance of giving and unconditional love, in case I forgot in the future :P.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Scientifically speaking...

My discussion with Shanon a few days ago makes me curious...

The Question: What percentage of our brain do we use?
Answer here...

Do We Use Only 10% of Our Brains?
Find out here!

The Vicious Diet Cycle, which totally relatable and makes sense to me... (Shanon's text book has a better version -with the psychological side too- will try to find that one if I can!)

Also, found this Biological Human Clock image from Wikipedia. Very interesting.

This article below, by the ever so wise Dumb Little Man is about Sleep Adjustment, it says to be able to help you gain 10 days per year. Hopefully this can help for my darling.

And I thought this Wikipedia article about Circadian Rhythm might comes in handy too.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Flickr Thumbnails (19th April 2008)

Kyle XY

If you like Kyle XY - check out this site, Kyle - Your Complete Source For Everything Kyle XY. They even have transcripts, which works extremely well with me. It's kewl.
Just finished watching the 4th episode. Really really liked it, especially the following words:
"Well, of course it is. So let’s handle him like we handle Josh and Lori. The reason they’re well adjusted is because we treat them with respect. We let ‘em go out there and make their mistakes, and they know we’re here when they need us. We need to give Kyle the same chance."
-- Stephen
"Life is a puzzle. Every piece fits together to create who we are, what we do, how we feel. Every experience shapes us into who we will eventually become.
I began as a blank slate. Maybe my hidden memories tell a different story. Maybe I hold the key to a mystery even greater than that of my past.
I’d been so eager to remember, to grow up and experience life, like Lori and Josh. But in that one moment, I wish I could go back to that blank slate...
... when life was easier."
-- Kyle

I can't help but think about my lack of patience with things in my life..
It felt like Kyle was talking to me when he said in the second episode, "So you can never really escape time. You can never just be."
Why do I find it so difficult to just be, just enjoy what I have at the moment?
Why do I feel that I have to get somewhere?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tara Whitney's New Blog & RSS Tips

Absolutely Gorgeous.
Check out the website.

Her use of colour mix & match is heavenly.
It makes me think that those should be the colour of life.

By the way - did you all know that you can subscribe to the RSS feed of a page by clicking this icon?? (see below image)That is such a kewl tips!!! Thanks TARA! :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

BlogThings Craze

What Your Front Door Says

You are intriguing and charming.
People are naturally drawn to you, even if they don't know you.
You are calm and wise. You are a true leader.
You never feel isolated in a group. Somehow, you always belong.

You Are Blonde Highlights

Men see you as flexible and versatile - you fit in to every situation
You've got the inner glow of a blonde, the intensity of a redhead...
And the wisdom of a brunette.

People Envy Your Compassion

You have a kind heart and an unusual empathy for all living creatures. You tend to absorb others' happiness and pain.
People envy your compassion, and more importantly, the connections it helps you build. And compassionate as you are, you feel for them.

You Are A Realistic Romantic

It's easy for you to get swept away by romance...
But you've done a pretty good job keeping perspective.
You're still taken in by love poems and sunsets
You just don't fall for every dreamy pick up line!

You are a Great Girlfriend

When it comes to your guy, you're very thoughtful
But you also haven't stopped thinking of yourself
You're the perfect blend of independent and caring
You're a total catch - make sure your guy knows it too!

and apparently ..... :P

Your Ideal Relationship is Marriage

You've dated enough to know what you want.
And that's marriage - with the right person.
You're serious about settling down some time soon.
Even if you haven't met the person you want to get hitched to!

About a year ago...

me & pipi
me & shanon


"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."
- Winston Churchill

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Expectation in Relationship

Reading Nineteen Minutes, the very well written book by Jodi Picoult has created this big jumble of thoughts in my head. I'm trying very hard to clear them out but it is not that simple. So I thought I'll write a post out of it - to settle my mind.

The latest thought is focused on Expectation in Relationship, spurred by the below quoted words from page 232:
Her mother sat down across from her. "Honey, what did you expect?"
Josie glanced up. "Nothing. I stopped that a long time ago." She stood up. "You're burning your pancakes," she said, and she walked back upstairs to her bedroom.
See - this is a fiction, but a very close-to-real-life type read. I know that this easily reflect people's relationships (with family, friends, partners, colleagues etc).
Questions: What's the story in their life? Why does it happen? Did the mom not try hard enough? What causes that kind of strain? Who's at fault?

This article helped in answering the questions ...
What we can expect in a relationship is to have a mutual sharing of caring love. We should expect of ourselves, that we need to share our love in a caring manner. What we can not expect in a relationship is to determine how, and in what manner, our partner will share their love with us.
Each person is the compilation and product of their past history. Along the way, we each learn by trial and error how to get our needs and desires fulfilled -- it has been an individual path to this point in time for each of us. We cannot expect another person's means of expression and action to be identical to our own methods -- they have gone through a different "school of life."
The expectation that our partner will provide our personal happiness is never possible. The attitude and actions of selfishness -- getting or taking from another for self-gratification is contradictory to living for the highest good of the whole situation. Harmonizing our attitudes, thoughts and actions with the highest good, ongoingly, is really what produces our feelings of happiness, ongoingly.

Note: Translate partner as the other party in the relationship.

I love my family very much. I was brought up in a family (a dad, a mom, 4 rather different -to each other- kids) with seemingly defined roles and responsibilities. Lately I feel the defined roles and responsibilities can make things trickier than necessary. We are working through it though. :) A while ago, I found this Steve Pavlina's writing,
"I love my parents and siblings unconditionally (I have two younger sisters and one younger brother). However, I haven’t had a particularly close-knit relationship with any of them for many years. There was no major falling out or anything like that — it’s just that my personal values and lifestyle have moved so far from theirs that there isn’t enough basic compatibility to form a strong common bond anymore."
Taken from the Understanding Family Relationship Problems article. I wonder - what would happen to the relationship within my family later on?

Other interesting article from Steve Pavlina on relationship:

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Season 2008

:) ;) :) :) ;) :) ;) :) :) :0 :] :> :) !) :} :D :) :) :D :P :) :) ;) |) ;) ;) :D ;] :) :) ;)

After couple years of planning, I made it to the Comedy Festival! :D
Last Sunday nite, we went to see Dave Thornton in Info.
First impression? Mmmm.. he doesn't look like the person in the picture on the Comedy Festival... (see here).
Next? Mmmm... A little confused as to how this show works. The first few minutes feel like I'm waiting for him to start doing something but I'm not sure what. But after that - I was laughing with the crowd at his smart silly jokes.
I personally think his show was very enjoyable (ignoring the jokes that I don't quite get :P). Well - he does naturally own the stage (with a little help from the technology, the mum and the girlfriend). :)
"A quick and self-deprecating engaging comic with a truly Australian take on life." -- The Age.

(: I love Melbourne :)

:) ;) :) :) ;) :) ;) :) :) :0 :] :> :) !) :} :D :) :) :D :P :) :) ;) |) ;) ;) :D ;] :) :) ;)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Right Words at The Right Time

Timing is everything in life.
Saying the right thing at the wrong time ruins the whole effect.
The bad thing happening at the right time can kill something really good.
That's why it's important to manage the timing well...


Today - as I was waiting for my take away food in the Krakatoa Restaurant (South Yarra) - I read a short writing that felt ever so empowering... It began with the sentence, "So you think you're not pretty..." and continues on with the following extract from a Woman's Day article from the 11st August 1958's edition,
"When you look into your mirror, grieve over the flaws you have and murmur, 'How I wish I were pretty', you're being unfair to yourself. A mirror can't show you all your lovely looking moments - the glow in your eyes when you're happy, the tenderness around your mouth when you're compassionate, the eagerness in your smile when you're excited.
In a mirror, you never see yourself as others see you. The mirror, in your hands, becomes a weapon against yourself. You peer into it self-consciously and, in the mask-life face staring back at you, every fault stands out, blotting out your best features. What a pity you can't see yourself when you're thinking of how you feel instead of how you look.
When you look at yourself in a mirror, you don't look with the generosity and eagerness to admire like we do with others. You search for flaws and when you find one - as everyone can - you magnify it far beyond its real importance. Go to your mirror and try again, giving yourself the same break you give everyone else. Take a good, objective look at the complete picture, concentrating on your pretty features."

I know that the above extract speak for itself and I don't need to say anymore.. but, I do want to thank Amy Sinclair, the editor of Woman's Day for finding the above article in the Woman's Day old archive and including them in her editor words in the 14th April 2008 edition.
As she said at the end of the extract,
"These days so many of us are so hung up on how to look better or younger - we rarely stop and look at ourselves without a critical eye. It's high time we gave ourselves a break".

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Life Lesson of the Year

Find the thing that matters most to you.
Focus on that.
Take everything else out of picture.

No one can have everything.
No one life is perfect.
But ...
The thing that matters most to you makes life wonderful.

Detect jealousy. Hide from it!
Scan for greed. Run away from it!
Smell your desire. Control it!
Scrutinise your pride. Question its worthiness!

Most importantly ...
"Don't ever let the distractions stupidly led you to sacrifice the thing that matters most."

Side note: The best thing that I've been doing (advised by a few blogs, enforced by that amazing guy) in the past year - is detaching from my clutters. Giving away things that I do not want/need/care about. It gives me so much time, space and money to put into the things that I want/need/care about.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

... - Part 2

"I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition."
-- Martha Washington


"All life is a chance.
So take it!
The person who goes furthest is the one who is willing to do and dare."
-- Dale Carnegie

Check this post out... "There is no Tomorrow." by Nora Dunn.
"If you say you will start something tomorrow, ask yourself why you have to wait."

I really like this paragraph (extracted from the above post)...
"Life Happens while we’re busy making plans. If you wait until tomorrow, you’ll have a whole new set of life circumstances to deal with that will throw you off-course yet again. Don’t be that person who wakes up one day wondering where life went and finds their self in a pickle, or worse – with regrets."

It is written as a financial advice; but I don't see why it can't be applicable in other life aspects.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I was googling for "How to organize recipes" and I came across this post, How to Organize Recipes from Delicious Days.

Wow - I'm stunned!
It's such a pretty pretty pretty nifty blog!!!
Definitely worth a look - Wow!

If you have more time, check out the Delicious Days Photography Page too! The first picture in the liquid section is super pretty!

PS: Note to self, stop using the word "pretty" and "awesome"!!! Ggggrrr!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

My "Happiness & its Causes"

A while ago, I saw (in one of my regular-read-blogs) something like a big list of things that never fail to makes the writer day or cheer him/her up... I remember thinking at that time, "wow - it's a very kewl idea to make a list of those things". Since I somehow remember that, I'd like to view the post again but of course, I can't cause I didn't keep the link somewhere. x( Oh well - here's my version of it...

The 101s That Makes Me Happy List (badly ordered):
001. Being a part of my family (whom I am very grateful for their loveliness-most-of-the-time though at times drive me crazy :P).
002. Having such crazy yet wonderful close friends.
003. Being in love.
004. A great relaxing full body massage.
005. Knowing I'm loved by the people that I love.
006. Great dining out experience.
007. Having a good time in a family gathering (the ones without tantrums).
008. Awesome catch up session with close friends.
009. Snuggling with that special someone :P.
010. Taking kewl snapshots.
011. Looking at a breath-taking scenery (in peaceful silence).
012. Magically lose some kilos (I AM a girl after all :P).
013. Spending time with that special someone.
014. Day dreaming about my trip to New York City (yes - thinking about what I would do, what I would try, what I would eat...) - hopefully this will soon become real.
015. Being totally involved in something that I forget everything else.
016. Helping people (that are actually in need and are grateful to be helped).
017. Traveling to new interesting places.
018. Having a deep conversation about life or random things that are meaningful to me.
019. Feeling healthy (yes - i know i can't actually be 'that' healthy - considering the amount of junk food I take in :P).
020. Making people happy (without costing me my own happiness).
021. Browsing prettily decorated houses (in print or physically being in it).
022. Visiting a book store or a library.
023. Going on a holiday!
024. Learning something new about myself. Puzzles!
025. Walking out to a Melbourne only fresh breezy morning (when it just rain the night after).
026. Having no chores or errands to run (at all!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!).
027. Completing a work-out session.
028. Waking up on a Saturday thinking it's Friday then realizing I don't have to go to work! :P (sad - but true...).
029. Somehow gets extra money magically (which I can spend without feeling guilty).
030. Seeing and believing my own self improvement. Improving my self from within.
031. Clean and tidy house.
032. Writing great posts for my blog.
033. New Handbags!
034. Discounted things (when I need them :P).
035. When things are in place (yup - a little Obsessive Compulsive Disorder detected here) - e.g. iGoogle properly setup, laptop is working (both Ubuntu & XP installation), letters are organized, etc... (time for me to shut up before it becomes massive OCD detected!).
036. Eating yummy desserts.
037. A nice warm bath with nice scented bubbly bath and candles.
038. Waking up at home in my old bedroom realising that the only thing on agenda today is full body massage!!!
039. Finding a new restaurant which has yummy food, cheap, and easy to get to (lol - this is never true for all three - but even the ones that has two out of three characterisation in it makes me happy!).
040. Lying around in "base" (doing nothing) .bliss.
041. Chocolate (dark/milk/white; especially the ones with nuts - macadamia, hazelnut, almond, yummmm).
042. Watermelon (it's soooooo fresh and sweet and yummyyyyyy).
043. Saturday/Sunday brunch!
044. Melbourne - no explanation necessary.
045. Balanced accounts (on my money tracking software).
046. Trying something new (camping, squash, indoor rock climbing, etc - apology for the sporty/outdoorsy example - that is neither on purpose nor true, i.e. I'm totally not sporty/outdoorsy - I just can't think of something else at the moment!)
047. Satisfying my cravings (I get random food cravings from time to time, and when I get to eat them mmmmmm... bliss)!
048. Reminiscing sweet old days (Medan - though I barely remember any, Jakarta (sweet high school times), Penang, travels, fondness of Beckham, The Sims madness).
049. Ideas of great gift for the people I love! (especially the hand-made ones).
050. Learning something interesting (cooking, baking cupcakes, etc).
051. Being inspired! (meeting and talking to inspiring people, reading inspirational words).
052. Getting something that I've been wanting for a long time... (not the impulse buying kind, more the ones that I think and think and think over and over again before I get them, e.g. when I buy my laptop!).
053. Listening to a current favorite song that I like very much again and again and again and singing along with it.
054. Reading a good book!
055. Chick flicks.
056. Feel good movies (the ones that tend to make people sobs :P).
057. Pretty clouds in the sky (especially when I'm at the beach).
058. Max Brenner brownies.
059. Pretty greeting card with lovely poems (used to have to buy them, now have learn to be satisfied from seeing not buying, though sometimes still can't resist temptation).
060. Watching captivating (to me) TV series (mm... I tried to name them, but then I get confused where do I stop).
061. Karaoke (yup! especially when I sing well :P).
062. Fun & busy engaging work days (rare - but precious).
063. Cheese-y gooey food.
064. Pretty dresses (that fits me nicely and makes me feel super pretty! :P)
065. Discover and read great useful/inspirational blog entries.
066. Live music (of course - which fits my taste; e.g. Jason Mraz - IT WAS AWESOME!).
068. Looking at my photos collections (both digital and on print; both of me and me taking them).
069. Pixar movies!!! They are absolutely amazing! (the pretty kitchen in Ratatouille, Sullie from Monsters Inc, the beautiful colour in Finding Nemo and I can't wait to see Wall-E!!!) mmmm ooooooh ya, and Ice Age series (from Blue Sky Studios) - love Manfred the Mammoth!!! hihihihihi even thoughts of these movies make me feel like giggling.
070. Dressing up for an occasion (you know - the full thing; pretty make up, nicely done hair, gorgeous dresses, very sleek heels) - mmmmm it's a very very nice feeling!
071. Ticking off an item in my to-do list.
072. The body aches I get from Body Pump session (hey - it's proof that I worked hard enough!)
073. Finding new silly time-wasting and mouse-clicking games like Diner Dash, Build-a-Lot, Turbo Subway, Supple.
074. Actually feel pretty from top to bottom (on the rare occasion).
075. Playing the electronic keyboard I got from my siblings for my birthday last year (to myself!).
076. Yummy corn (especially grilled - plus butter chilli sauce - super yum!!!)
077. Bali trip with FV3.
078. Past yearly family trips abroad (West Coast America, Europe South Africa, Japan tour).
079. Tasmania trip with Shanon.
080. Boris, Mino and Divina.
081. Playing with cute dogs!
082. Pretty and cute pastel coloured objects (e.g. morning glory things, cupcakes).
083. Finding a new staple outfit for work (yes - this is one of the great joy that last long - especially useful for those mornings where everything in my wardrobe looks super yucky on!)
084. Brand new glossy and sleek magazines neatly stacked with each covers calling me to grab them. (Real Living, Lucky, Vogue, Bazaar, Home Beautiful, Inside Out, Real Simple, etc)
085. The super yummy three-course dinner me and Shanon made for Christmas Eve.
086. Chuan Spa experiences with my sis :).
087. Being served with well arranged or prettily decorated food.
088. Trying on pretty un-affordable clothes in the elegantly decorated shop (well - at least before the sales lady trying to sell the thing to me and make me feel like running away from the shop - hence, i prefer to do this in a department store where the sales lady aren't so pushy).
089. Finding the right cutesie template for my blog. Happy days with my darling.
090. Being in my super comfy pajamas.
091. Surprise thoughtful gifts.
092. Jeans that fits nicely and makes me think my legs look pretty (if there is any).
093. Pretty flowers (especially soft peachy pink rose .... though I'm still not sure what to do with them post the giddy feeling when I get them).
094. Tara Whitney's pictures!!!
095. Melbourne Showground!
096. Strangers' smiles.
097. Board game (Boggle, Risk, Cluedo, Pictionary, etc).
098. Wearing my baby blue Havaianas thongs.
099. Cute babies.
100. To forgive and forget.
101. My not perfect but extremely beautiful life filled with amazing people!
"You are a living magnet.
What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts."
- Brian Tracy

Paul Michael says "It Costs Nothing to be Nice"

Check out the post here!
The blunt title intrigued me and after I read it, I think everyone should read this post every once in a while.. Just to remind ourselves that we are part of a society, and it costs nothing to be nice! =D

Have a nice day folks!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

2nd April 2008

"It's time to start living the life you've imagined"
-- Henry James

Happy Birthday, Tikus (translate: Rat in Indonesian) --> Fransiskus Sani Nico! :)

Not sure why, I can never forget this birthday of my primary/high school friend even though the last time I talked to him was probably 1998.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Leo's Random Thoughts

Recently in ZenHabits (my favorite blog), Leo put together his random thoughts into an inspiring post, "Notes on Life: Mantras, Small Things, Lists, and Such". I admire this guy's writing. It made up a very simplistic, enjoyable read.
In that post, Leo talked about how he put mantras in good use. Funnily, I was thinking earlier today (before I read that post), how it would be so useful to have a constant reminder when I'm trying to achieve something. Just the way mantra would work. So, now the question is - what would I like to work on most? What would I like to achieve?
I think this question is getting a little old for me. It keep repeating itself to me - when I'm inspired - only to be forgotten when the inspiration is gone. It's time for me to make up my mind. To do what?
Well - I've lived a very very happy life the past few weeks. I'm enjoying my days. Doing things that I want to do. Fixed my to-do list (with help from Shanon). Been doing really well with controlling my spending. Have much more free time now that my siblings are helping lots with house chores and errands, especially my super lovely little sister Shelwin (who reads this blog, hence the bold-ed words ;P).
The one thing that I really want to work on ... ever since I was 15 years old I think ... is to "feel good about myself in every way". :) It seems like a very ambitious goal at the moment, but hopefully with the help of mantra I'll get there.
Have a read at Leo's take on small things.
I totally agree with him. Tiny little things are the ones that makes human life beautiful.
And Leo, keep up the lists posts! It's one of the things that make your posts extremely relate-able (at least to me)!

Quotes as Reminder to Self

"If you can't control your mouth, there's no way you can hope to control your mind."

"Failure is not the worst thing in the world,
the very worst is not to try."

"Though you cannot return to the past to make a brand new start,
you can always make a brand new start now, and a brand new ending."

"Don't take for granted the things closest to your heart,
cling to them as you would your life...
For without them, life is meaningless."

"Patience is waiting.
Not passively waiting. That is laziness.
But to keep going when the going is hard and slow - that is patience."

“He that can have Patience, can have what he will”
- Benjamin Franklin

and ultimately,
"The best way to have what you want, is to want what you have.
If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got."

*SFV3 on Blogspot*

Hihihihi... me and my bessies (Ping, Pina, Vikom, Pipi) have decided to put together a blog, BukCur. Why BukCur? Find out here.
It's very messy at the moment - more like collection of emails communication than a blog - but promise, it will get better! Check it out! Though, be warned, we speak very well mixed language in the blog *LOL*, mainly Indonesian.