Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Should You Subscribe to Dumb Little Man?

Because it has this kind of post ... "8 Harsh Truths that Will Improve Your Life - Dumb Little Man".

I like!

I'm still learning to work with truth #2 and applying the realization of truth #4. Truth #7 is very harsh - but true.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quoting Sis' Quotes

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;
An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty" -- Today's Quote by Shelwin.

I like!

On another note, "Most people seek a soul mate to love them unconditionally. But those who need such acceptance most — the terminally insecure — often sabotage their own chances at bliss. ... Ironically, insecure people seemed to push away a possible source of reassurance by thinking less of their loved ones. ... They try to distance themselves before they get dumped." -- Psychology Today: The Trouble with Insecurity.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brain Space Efficiency Tips for Girl

I learned last year that if one worry is taking up your brain space too much or too long; just do something about it!

And if you've been indecisive about something for a few days - decide already! In general, the risk is not worth the time and effort you spend on worrying about it. :P

I feel so much better about my life after I start applying these tips.

Food $$$ Savings Tips

Hmmm.. It's been a while since I properly write a post.
Life's been hectic lately. Good type of hectic though.

Married life is awesome (Better say it is cause my husband actually does read my blog. Nah - just kidding. :P) - it actually is awesome.

I've been rather busy being involved with work (which totally is refreshing - loving it!). On the side, I'm catching up with friends and family. Catching up with TV shows. Figuring out a day-to-day routine that works. Yoga. Cooking (as often as I can). Cleaning (as per required :P). Washing, etc etc.

Oh well - enough updates. Let's talk about food $$$.

I don't know about you - but I certainly have difficulty keeping to my grocery budget. It's scary these days. I'll go to the supermarket to get a few things and it suddenly adds up to $50 or worst, $100!!! These are crazy amount of money to be spending on groceries in this economic climate!! Gosh!

Here's some links that might help you (and most importantly, me!)...
* Best of Frugal Dad | Frugal Dad
* Nine Money-Saving Tips To Eating Greener : Eat. Drink. Better.
* Free Money Finance: Enjoy Eating In and Save Time and Money to Boot
* 75 Money Saving Tips For Surviving A Recession | Frugal Dad
* Grocery Store Savings Tips | Frugal Dad
* Spoiled Rotten
* Easy Ways to Reduce Fruit and Veg Wastage - Healthy Eating, Diets, and Weight Loss Ideas -

Well - hope you find handy tips from them. I need to get back to sorting out my honey-holiday photos. :P