Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm on Top of the World!

At yoga today, I have just come into this really really big realisation that I was very scared of losing that I keep having to remind myself throughout the whole class. It's priceless. Seriously!

I am such a whinger. Whinge and don't act. I will change that.

I am extremely lucky and everything around me is great, if not amazing. I have an awesome husband who I love so so so very much, and love me back just as much (maybe a tiny weeny bit less - cause I love more! :P). I have an extraordinary family; kewl, fun, weird at times but just lovely. Plus, the friends and people that I have around me are just super great.

Yep yep - I know none of this is new realisation. I've said this before.
Then, what's new?

Well - today, I realise that... I'm great. Actually, scratch that, I'm AWESOME. Ha-ha. Yes. That's why my life is awesome!

But you know what - I'm going to make it even better. How?
By actively choosing what I want to do and skip those that holds no value for me.
No regrets. Life is too short for regrets.
I'm 26 turning 27. A full grown up with no financial issue or health issue or mental issue (or so I think :P).

The realisation brings me to think that - hey! I can do anything if I do want to do it enough. Why? Becoz - I am one very capable person with substantial intelligence. Better than average! (at least I think so :P) So you know what I'll do next? I will put my focus into learning and doing things related to AI. Why? Cause I can. Cause it's cool and interesting. Cause I can choose to do things that are cool and interesting! :P

Good nite!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Taking Chances...

Be Brave.
Living The Best Life.
No Regrets.
Stop contemplating.
Just act on it.

The best tool in the world is not going to help anything or anyone if no one uses it.

Wikipedia: Artificial Intelligence

Check out - Google Wave Preview!

Monday, July 27, 2009


In general, when I rate myself or how I do things - I compare up. I aim to be better. I wonder why I'm not as good as "X" or "Y". That's the weirdly miniscule competitive side of me. I don't go crazy over trying to win something - but when I do compare - I definitely look up. Some people look down. They look at others who do worse than them and think that they're good for not doing as bad as the others. Which is fine, I suppose. But not as good, I think. I mean - they'll be less likely to improve. Maybe it's just a preference thing.

But - this whole new curly hair thing has definitely taught me something new.

I have to be very careful when I look up or compare up. Who am I comparing myself with? Is this someone that is directly above me or diagonally above me? *LOL* I'll probably lose you soon. It's a bit tricky to explain - or maybe it's just my crazy brain. But, for example, as a straight hair lady who just had her hair permed - I should not go about comparing my hair with a naturally curly hair lady. She has been dealing with her hair since she was a teenager. Just like how well I know my hair and how best to style it. Obviously, her hair will look better.

I'm struggling with this new hairstyle. I should have just stick with my nicely straight hair and learn to curl it with that straightening iron thing (if you're confused - don't be - the new way to curl your hair is with straightening iron, it comes out prettier than with curling iron :P)!!

Anyway - lesson learnt! Next time, I should work and do my best with what I've got before starting at level 0 with something new. I was already at level 60 or 70 with styling my straight hair! Now I have to start at level 0 again! Hmphhh!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My New Hair Style

My Hair Before:

Aim: If lucky, or or

My Hair Now:

Hmmm....? *bingung*

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Importance of Treating Yourself Well

After focusing very hard for about a year to lose weight - I find myself slowly gaining it back.
Thankfully - not yet all - but a few days ago I reached an "Oh No" moment.
I've nearly gained back half of the weight I've lost. ARGH!

So - before all my effort goes to waste - I decided to do something about it. AGAIN!
But - this time - I know that I'll do better. Why?
Because I have done this before. I know the drill.
I also know that there are some flaws from what I used to do.
I will have to fix it and keep refining the process.

Since that "Oh No" moment - I've controlled my eating again.
I haven't been as strict as I was - but I'm slowly curbing it.
The idea is doing it slowly so that instead of feeling deprived - I ease myself into the process and make sure this time - I'm going to be altering my eating habit PERMANENTLY.
Not as a temporary diet thing (which causes the weight gain afterwards).

Starting with breakfast. Instead of limiting myself to one choice - I organized a few options with similar amount of calories.
Why? Because different situations calls for different type of food. I also get easily bored with one option. Plus, constraints often calls for big slip ups. I've got Up&Go, Oats, Ultra Slim Milk, and Soy Yogurt lined up. :)

Next, hydration. Water. It's VERY VERY VERY VERY important. It helps with my "regularity" and also kept me from over-eating (eating when I'm thirsty). So I make sure that I fill my 750ml bottle of water as soon as I get to work. Keep drinking it.

On to lunch - as with brekkie - I've lined up a few options. Canned soup with some crackers, Bowl of mixed salad, 2 Sushi rolls, Subway Tuna Sub and this Chicken Avocado Sundried Tomato Tortilla Wrap thing. Yum! I'll probably leave Friday as open planned.

Bought some snack options too - < 100 calorie muesli bar, apples, soy yogurt and ryvita.

Dinner is a bit tricky to restrict - at the end of the day I like to have an enjoyable meal and it also depend on my mood... But - I'll work on cooking at home more. Much healthier and controllable. :)

Will also put more effort in continuing my 3x Yoga a week.

It's funny. I do feel like how come I can't just let go and enjoy.. but the truth is - when I just let go - I don't actually enjoy... Little treats, eating out, muffin breakfast, brunches, are only enjoyable when it's occasional. Not routine. :)
It's true. I'm not making it up. Because since I watch myself more the past few days - I feel so much better. Seriously. I feel in control. I feel great. I deserve to feel great cause I'm doing great.

Good Nite!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Job Satisfaction Can Reduce Excessive Spending, Debt

Job Satisfaction Can Reduce Excessive Spending, Debt

It is true.

It's very difficult to control yourself and be discipline when you're not happy 8 hours a day (or more some days). I have to do something. Soon. Very soon.

I can't keep going on with my stress eating, stress buying, and wait for weekends to arrive. My stress eating makes me happy cause I'm putting on weight. Every time I decide to stop over-eating, I go back to work and all that decision goes to bin. I just got back from a holiday and am already thinking of taking off days. That's just not the way it's supposed to be.

I want my happiness back!