Thursday, October 01, 2009

It isn't me.

The blog. This blog. Doesn't feel like me. Doesn't look like me.
But then again - maybe I just don't feel like myself.
Maybe it is not the blog. Maybe it is me.

I'm shedding my skin. I feel myself changing. I know I am changing.
I just don't know what am I becoming - which is very unsettling.
Is it for the better? Am I turning bad?

Odd... Out of place.
I want to disappear.


Anonymous said...

Cie, ni knapa? curhat2 donkkk..
jangan bilank ini lirik lagu..
dunia dah mau kiamat so live ur life to the fullest=)

Louisa said...

awwww shelvia i didn't even read this on time!!!

but hey the new blog is very nice :P with the black... is u ... or just all the new clothes i see u buy lately are all black hahaahhaha (but black lasts long so yaaaay :D)... i want to blog now too! my damned blog is never alive, time to blog blog blog :P

ms s loveridge said...

hahahaha :) no - things are all good.. haha
i've now moved on.. "<a href=">finding my way around...</a>"
hahaha no no.. i've been buying other colours too but i do have a bit more black lately haha not sure why.. :P
yes - louisa, start blogging! about ur chair, ur sewing machine...