Thursday, January 19, 2006

2005: TRULY the year when i try new things...

to add to the list...
diving DONE
flying fish DONE
visit surabaya DONE
in Bali with my best gal pals in the world DONE
rafting DONE
visit japan DONE
in love ONGOING ;)

.... =) i'm extremely happy with my achievements... =D

2006, these are the to-do list...
learn how to ride a bike!!!
dance classes...


Bernard said...

Good on you :)

zsugiart said...

learn how to ride a bike???
(bicycle apa motorbike) ??

DANCE CLASSES heheh manteeeb

piyo-chan said...

thanks Bernie =)
Zen, hahaha satu2 kali ya.. at this stage, bicycle dulu ntar baru pikir2 soal motor bike =) hahaha penasaran bole dunksss