Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Couple Conversation Starters

The Click&Drag page from Cosmopolitan magazine has an interesting entry this month, the "Web crawler" column. The author (Sarah Reid) grabbed my attention by mentioning that the most Googled word last month in Phillipines was "emo".
*LOL* definitely makes me happy - cause I felt left out when my brother talked about dressing up as "emo" and I went "what mo?" :) (... that's my contentment of not being the only one who doesn't know...) :P

Nowadays, things move extremely fast around the world. With the new words, current gossips about celebs, actual news about what's going on in the world, the trillions webpages available, new fictions being published everywhere, blogger posts popping every millisecond (I'm assuming here..) and a gazillion more information providers popping up here and there - it's becoming more and more difficult to be in the know of what everyone is talking about.

In that same column, Sarah Reid suggested two weblinks that might help...
  • Google International Zeitgeist: the search engine homing pigeon with "The List"; i.e. the most Google-d words from 40 countries

  • Buzzfeed: Web crawlies tracking the latest "buzz" from around the globe

Have a browse on the two sites... It's really quite interesting.. :))

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Zen Sugiarto said...

NICE ONE on the zeitgeist! I didn't know this page exists in google,

what a surprise, check it out. CITY HUNTER came first in ITALY. What the hell is that?

ANDY WARHOL made it to 6th in Korea, BOB MARLEY made it 5th in India (and I tought Indian ppl only listen to Bollywood music)

OZ's top searches is all about music!, I killed the prom queen is first (OMG) == underground metal band... here in melbourne live seems to be more like... Jack Johnson? Must be bloody metal youthster from BNE!!

anyway nice finding! keep it flowin!!