Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Happy Little PUPSit Family

Boris as the tough guy

Mino as the weird lady

Divina as the starry kiddo

Aren't they extremely cute????
Check out the rest of the gang here!
More pics here!

Yippy Yippy Yippy.. Kaye!!! :)

Plus, if you like this kind of things - check out One Red Robin's page... She made the cutest doll ever! :)


'Lil Cookie said...

gw iri sama tempate lu.. :(

piyo-chan said...

:) hehe iya cantiq yaaaa :)) ntar elu browse kalo dapet yang elu mao kasi tau gua ntar g bantu update :)))) muachhhhh

Freddy Tan said...

Hehe.. he eh .. he eh.. gua ga ngerti :p

Freddy Tan said...

Tuh pillow nya kelihatan mahal yah~ banyak macem lagi.. HEHEHE buatan Europe lagi.. eh iya bukan ya.. yg pasti bukan Indo HEHEHE