Saturday, September 15, 2007

This morning, for the first time ever, I had a yummy coffee.
I don't think I've had such a well blended creamy skinny latte (the creamy essence makes me strongly doubt that it's skinny).
Oh well - if it's not - at least that partially explains why it tasted so yummy to me - maybe it's just because I've never had full cream latte (or maybe I don't remember the taste of full cream latte).

Anyway - this whole yummy skinny latte thing pops a thought into my head.
I have always thought that yummmy coffee does not exist. It definitely is not the type of drink that makes me go "Mmmm.." (the way hot choc does). It's more the type of drink that I have when I don't get enough sleep.
But, now it occurs me, my thought is not correct. All the time I've said 'I don't love coffee because it isn't yummy' is basically because I've never had yummy coffee and NOT because it does not exist. Which takes me to the next thing...
How do we know if the thing we've been having/doing is the thing that we "love" to have/do without trying all the available varieties?

The moment of finding out something that I've thought for a long time is not true has happened to me quite a bit.. Like the time where I realised that...
  • "Hey - it's possible to have gal friends that love to go crazy along with you instead of thinking you're crazy for being so loud and noisy.."

  • or "Hey - it's possible to like someone intensely and love the same person.."

  • which leads to ... "Yeah - it's NOT normal to love someone and like someone ELSE quite heavily.."

So - back to the questions - "how do we know that this thing that we think is our 'FAVORITE' is truly our favorite?" "how do we measure to which extents we like this thing?" "how do we measure most?" "when to stop trying all the available varieties without feeling like we're settling?" "how do we know when we are settling or not?"

All questions no answers. *TADA!*

If you are to judge me, then please take into account that this is my 'early-morning-just-had-coffee' thought. :P

Anyway - I'm hoping that soon I'll find out that it is possible to have a job that I love which also earns me BIG FAT money... :P
Like the 'Lauren Gallagher' lady - who earns LOTS of money through selling wedding cakes in her popular Cake Boutique - from the book that I'm reading at the moment, "Dress Rehearsal" by Jennifer O'Connell.

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