Thursday, April 02, 2009

Continuous Conundrum

I'm not sure if it's really me or it's by the influence of people around me or something else.
I don't feel right for my job anymore.
I'm constantly hanging at the edge in business conversation and I don't understand or care about what's going on at work.
I don't think this is my world at all.

Have I ever care? Has it ever been my world?

I'm not too sure.
I guess I care about little parts of it (the stuffs that I'm working on and the people that I interact with).
But seeing the amount of care that other people have, it makes me wonder if it's right that I don't have that type of care.
Then again - I was never a business/politics person.
I'm not interested in who's managing what and who's being moved to what role.
Names always fly through my head.

I guess it was never a problem in the past because I haven't really see the big picture of where I am in this little corporation world and where I am going.
Now that I can see that I'm not in the right world - can I ignore it and just continue along this path?
Keep doing what I do and try to pretend to care as per requirement about this world?
Doesn't that mean that I'm going to have to stay in this spot because really - I don't have a destination in this world?

On the other hand - I don't know what world I do have destination in...

Maybe I should move to Little Big Planet. :P

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