Monday, May 04, 2009

Splurges vs Habits

Last week I talk about how to keep enjoying indulgences. Found this article on The Simple Dollar that's definitely relevant and worth reading.

The Simple Dollar » Splurges, Habits, and Projection

In short,
"A splurge is healthy every once in a while. It’s an irregular expense - not one that you spend money on every day or even every week. It also fills you with joy when you do it - and you still feel happy about it a day later. In short, you derive quality of life from that purchase.

A habit is never healthy. When an experience (particularly one tied to spending) becomes routine and normal, it should either fulfill a basic need in a simple way or it should be reconsidered.


The difficulty for many people is that splurges become habits without the person realizing it.

I like!

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