Tuesday, November 08, 2005

being content with what u've got currently vs stubbornly fight

this has been a question in my head for quite sometime now.. and funnily, when a question is stuck in your head for sometime, everything around you seems to revolve around that questions.. your surrounding just coincidentally keep on offering things or events that are related to that question... :P

i'm the eldest child in my family.. eversince i was a kid, i've always have to share things, and deal with not getting what i want and most importantly, i had to learn well how to be happy with what i've got...

or maybe it's because i've had to move from my hometown in Medan to Jakarta when i was 10 yrs old, then from Jkt to Penang when i was 16 yrs old, and then from Penang to Melbourne when i was 18 yrs old and in Melbourne alone, i've moved house 5 times... :P mmm that could be why i tend to make do with whatever it is that i've got...

or maybe it's my personality.. i've always been an easy-goer especially when it's related to other people.. only sometimes when i'm in the stubborn mood to have one of my crazy cravings, i'd fight for my desire..

whatever it is.. this is how i am...

i really dislike people who WAIT stubbornly for some things...
fighting for your desire is one thing, but regretting what they currently have and waiting for the better things to come along... mmm i dun really think u'll get anywhere...

and i'm thinking.. being the way that i am... being content with what i've currently got, is that good? or only the ones who STUBBORNly fight for the best will be successful?

sometimes, being the way i am, i realised that i feel content too easily... i'm way too happy in my skin that i dun push myself enough in improving myself... there are times where i feel that i could and should improve my career, my personality, my physical look, my hobbies, etc... but most of the times, i'll be "stuff it... i'm happy the way i am.." and it doesn't really help that most of my surroundings are very acceptance toward whatever it is that i'm doing.. my family, my boyfriend and my best friends have been a great supporter.. they rarely questioned my decisions... they've always have so much trust in myself and whatever it is that i do... so there are points where i feel... "mmm.. i dun really need to improve much, why bother?"

mmm i need to clarify though... i feel lucky that i have such great people around me... they are the one who made me the way i am right now... but maybe i could do with a little push? :P

well, i guess i can always push myself... but pushing your own self is very difficult... even more difficult than pushing someone else.. :P

yesterday in the Japanese lesson (2nd last one!!! i can't believe how quickly it went), my lovely Japanese teacher, Kaori sensei talks about the structure of the Japanese lesson - for students who feel like continueing, it's roughly 6 years lesson of 1 wkly 3 hrs sessions.
anyway, she was saying that there are no compulsary tests in her classes. she passes everyone because she believes that however bad you are in Japanese, as long as you keep learning, you'll definitely get better.. (Persistence is the key to success ie. Never Give Up!)
i get what she's saying and i agree with her.. well, if you've got to go to Japanese class every week for 3 hrs session for 6 years, i'm sure u'll get something out of it.. =) but i'm not going to continue the lessons... because i figure, i could spend the rest of my 6 years learning Japanese, but if i'm never going to use it, i'm simply wasting my time, and i'll be better off learning chinese and piano :P
but i surely do not regret the Japanese lessons which i've taken and paid for.. in fact, it's one of the best thing i've done for myself. i finally fulfill my curiosity on Japanese and their culture.

well... i know i'm not getting anywhere with these things that i wrote... it's a jumbled message everywhere.. hahaha as always... lately i found blogging difficult.. it's tough to put all the thoughts in writting and put them together in such a way that i can pass on the message... it's even more difficult when you feel like writting 1000 different things in a short page... :P

the summary: which is better, Fighting for the best or being content with what you've got? i personally think that it's a matter of adjusting between the two.. sometimes.. for some things you just ought to fight for the best because that's the only way you'll be successful, but with some other things, you should learn to be content with whatever it is that you've got... especially when there is not much you can do to change it...

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