Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Real world experience

Somehow i felt that this is soooooo for me! =D
the right motivator at the right time....

Fully prepare yourself, make the best of plans, and take the most effective actions. Then, accept whatever happens, learn from it, and adjust your approach accordingly.

Sometimes things will go exactly as you have planned, and yet many times they will not. So what is your best option when plans go awry?

There is nothing to be gained by becoming bitter, depressed, angry or immobilized by frustration. Instead, realize that you have just made a sizeable investment of your time and resources, and have received from that investment something of real value.

You have learned firsthand a little more about what does and what does not work. You have gained valuable, real world experience, and because of that you are in an excellent place from which to move forward.

Will you squander that valuable experience on feeling sorry for yourself? Or will you pick yourself up, adapt and adjust, and move enthusiastically ahead?

When plans go awry, it's not the end of your world. In fact, if you choose, it can be the beginning of your real success.

-- Ralph Marston
Copied from Daily Motivator site

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