Tuesday, December 19, 2006

my gadgets and their long due upgrade

Here's a list of my gadgets and where they're at their life span:

  • my notebook: Dell Inspiron 6000
    I bought this March last year and I still remember how happy I am when I first got it. I took a day off work for installation and etc. It is still running OK; except for the keyboard part. My Page Up button is off the keyboard now, and it feels like the Space Bar will soon have the same fate. Not very happy about it. Other than that, I'll be installing ubuntu on to it sometime in the very near future (with the help of ubuntu guide. That should keep me excited for at least the next half a year.
    The only thing that I want to add to it I suppose is external hard drive. I want decent one though. Something with at least 300 GB capacity; since I don't want to keep on upgrading it and I want to fit all my past MP3s, videos and pictures etc. I also don't want it to be MASSIVE and HEAVY. Last but not least, it can't be pricey. HAHAHAHA - Yep, I'm one of those impossible-to-please-customer.

  • my PDA: HP iPaq 2410
    I got this September last year. I can't believe how much I've grown out of it within a year. This is definitely one of the first thing to go next. I need a new PDA which are combined with phone; it is simply too ANNOYING to carry two mobile phones; a PDA and many other things in my handbag. Also, deciding whether to put alarms/schedules in my mobile/PDA/laptop is RIDICULOUSLY hard.
    Hear me out. I don't put my PDA on my desk at work - so never actually hear the alarm; while my mobile is always next to my PC; hence it is more visible. However, the schedule on the mobile are not nearly as good as the schedules I've put in my PDA which are synchronized with my Microsoft Outlook every week. So, I keep on putting things on my PDA although they sometimes don't serve the purpose. But, I don't totally ignore it. I check it first thing in the morning; use it as my MP3 player; check it again at lunch time and on my way home on the train. Oh well, me and my dilemmas.
    Another complaint that I have would be the STUPID virtual keyboard. Well, not stupid, but seriously impractical. It puts me off writing too much. Maybe not, but it certainly slows me down a lot. So, my new PDA Phone would have to have keyboard. Other than that... I'm happy with it, especially with my SPB Diary Plus. Great app.
    I'm eyeing Dopod 838 Pro. It looks like something that I want. I'll have to buy a new micro SD card though and get a converter so that I can plug the micro SD card in my laptop and my camera.
    By the way, I love this feature!!! I love the fact that my PDA, my digi-cam, my laptop all have SD slot. I can easily move files around them and it is GREAT!!!

  • my mobiles: Nokia 7610 and Motorola
    Got my Nokia phone this April. LOVED IT and still do. The camera is really nothing incomparison to the N70 I was for a month prior; but I love the chic look of the phone. I love that it's tiny. I love that it does most things that I want it to do and does it well. But if I'm getting a PDA phone and this is to go too... Unless I can put the three SIM card on my new PDA Phone. We'll see.
    I got my motorola phone last year in July. It's nothing really. I don't even know the model name. I like it more than any other available three phone but it's not something I'd show off. It's just a phone for me. I use it to make free calls to other three mobile holder.
    BTW, Three is a mobile network, like Optus, Telstra, Telkomsel, Singtel, etc.

  • my camera: Nikon CoolPix 5200
    Bought this camera two years ago I believe. Don't really remember but I think it was October 2004. I think... Hmm.. I still love it though. It's not as great as my bro 7.2 MP digi-cam obviously but I still really like the quality of the pictures that it produce and it hasn't failed me so far. The fact that it uses SD memory card is a plus point. Also that it has great colour quality. I love it and certainly am not thinking of replacing it soon. :)

  • my clock radio: Sony Dream Machine ICF-C153
    Well, this, I bought a while ago. Three years ago, I think. Really? Really. It was at the time when I moved to my current home. I think it was back in 2003. I love it :) Really do. Except that it doesn't do the radio job really well. It's very fuzzy. I wish I could get better signal. I'm always thinking of getting some sort of antenna to help it but somehow haven't got around to it. Maybe because I don't actually listen to radio, more MP3s. But yeah, hope I'll get around to it sometime soon so I can be waken up by radio sound instead of beep beep beep. Though I'm not sure my sis will be happy with that :P Still, I love its summer time function (which allows DST switch very simple) and the smart nap function. :) Definitely does not need replacement. Especially after I saw it in Myer today and still adore it in the shop (you know how once you own something you tend to appreciate it less; the fact that I still adore it in the shop even if I have one at home shows how good it looks). :)

  • my portable game console: Nintendo DS Lite
    I loved it. Although I don't play it as often now. In combination with this thing call Super-key and super-card, it's simply fabulous. I can actually play old games, like the Circus Charlie from the old NES console. It's GREAT!!! Excellent. Wish I could play it more often. Then, the Nintendogs game, the Tamagotchi game, the Poker game, and plenty other games... Yummmmm
    Of course, it has different kind of fun to the Sing-Star and Eye-Toy; but it is still fun. Loved how it has the stylus to allow different way to interact with the game. Love the white chic look too. Very stylish to carry indeed. :) Although now that I have that, my GameBoy Color must feel quite ignored... :P
    This is definitely more my style than PSP. I think so.

  • my USB MP3 player: OMNI 512 MB Digital MP3 Player / Voice Recorder --> SONY 2 GB NW-EOO5F Walkman
    Haven't used the OMNI MP3 player a lot. Only to back up my Microsoft Money file from my PC. Had this from back in my uni days. I think it was back in my honours year or even before that? Anyway, broke the display glass on the second month I own it. How annoying is that. It's still OK only have lines on top of the display screen. Today, I decided to go and buy a new one. A proper one. I want to use it to accompany me at the gym. :P Hopefully it will push me further :) This Sony 2GB Walkman is tiny but it has everything. It has the FM radio, chic look, and USB plug. Charge-able through the USB plug and battery life lasts 28 hours! How good is that.. Definitely my baby for now.

In short, I love these things so much, but like any other people who likes technology stuff. I find it annoying to buy something only to find that the price gone down by half the next month or newer stuff comes out the week after. Even if those things do not happen, 6 months after you bought ur gadget, u feel the need to upgrade, but u realise that it means u need to sell ur now old gadget. It is very annoying. How I wish I can just trade it in easily. :P
Oh well, for now, planning for a new PDA Phone, an external hard drive, Ubuntu, and fixing my laptop's keyboard sounds good enough. :)))

Good nite!


zen sugiarto said...

shel, what;s that SONY box thingo? looked pretty old. But then again, my tech stuff are due for upgrades as well, I had a P4 1.7 PC and it's old old old. ANd my file server in the living room is the PC I had when I was in sg, a PIII 500. Yes, I know what you're thinking, you can put it in a museum already!

Btw msg me if u want old SNES game. I have heaps of them. You know in JKT, there's this DISK(FLOPPY) machine that you can put into your super nintendo, and you can play games by buying floppy disk (from HARCO?)

Apparently if you copy the content of the floppy disk into your PC< you can play it with an emulator. and newer console (like ur nintendo) can still play the ROM as well. I have oooold games, like final fantasy 1, 2, 3 - very good by those day's standard. Reminds me of my childhood too heheheheh.

btw about external HDD, go to office work in QV. I bought a MyBook external HDD for $199 (250Gig). In Myer, the same unit can cost you up to $270. I have this external HDD especially for my anime and manga, because my brother is downloading them ALL the time. It's quite heavy tho, but I think anything above 100gig will be pretty heavy, unless you get 2.5" HDD (laptop sized). Usually the capacity wont go as high as well.


li'l cookie said...

jelaskan kenapa lu ga pulang bareng ade2 lu!