Monday, December 18, 2006

So little time

I've got so much to say; so little time...
Got so much to do; so little time...
Got so much to think about; so little time...
Ugh... I better start else I'll never get there...

I am now officially working 7-days a week. It feels like sh*t. Not really. But, yeah it does. The regulation has changed @ Coles - I can only work on Sunday if I work one other weekday. I can't bear the thought of working @ coles after a long day in the office (which lately has been literally longggggg day); so Saturday it is. Well - I'm hoping this is temporary; as in I'm giving this up next year.. Want to focus on something else instead - like Interior Design perhaps.

A short intermezzo before I get to my main story; I've been thinking - there's something missing about comments on the blog thing. I've had problems with posting comment on someone's blog but not being able to get notified when someone else has perhaps reply to my comments. D'you know what I mean? Perhaps, that's not how comments are meant to be used, but still, wouldn't it be nice if we get notified when someone posted a comment after us? Or maybe it's just me... :P

Today's been a long day - like my any other day. I got up at 6.15 then get ready for work. Luckily, I'm working with Monica (v cheery and easygoing person) - she's a great incentive for me to go to work - especially at 7 a.m. the morning after the DWS Christmas function! (By the way, it was a great nite - just as any other DWS functions - lovely nite to catch up with most of my colleagues + partners over a lovely meal. It's a pity I was so tired from working 4-hour-shift yesterday afternoon). Anyway, finished work at 10 a.m.; grab vietnamese pork roll (it's now $4.80!!! Ridiculously expensive but still yummy...); went home; push my bros around so that they are ready for the trip to the airport since they're meant to be leaving for Indo today. (Note how I said 'meant' - it's not grammatical error!)
So, at 11:10 - off we go! Got to the airport around 11:35; queue up... it was a longgggggggg queue. At about 12:15; it's finally nearly our turn (2 2-people-groups were in front of us). Guess what! The officer came and said 'Sorry - the flight has been overbooked. You won't be able to board the flight. I will need to do some preparation for the plane's take off and will speak you all later.' with a very flat tone. I was like 'WHAT???'
Obviously, no one let him go so easily - we all followed him around - trying to get hold of him and actually understands the situation. I mean - have you ever heard of overbooked flight??? Don't they have some sort of capacity and flagging etc etc. Anyway, to cut the story short, after a whole lot of questions, I decided to treat this situation diplomatically - I simply asked him when's the next flight and how best to get my siblings on that flight. =) Normally, I would get so angry at the officer. But, today, I didn't. I'm so glad I chose to see the fact that it is not his fault - he's merely an unlucky guy who has to deliver the bad news. It turns out better. I was the second person in front of the Garuda admin office (Yap, it's Garuda; I bet no other airline does this!) and we got our replacement ticket almost straight after the officer came back from the flight take off preparation. He even thank me for being so nice about it all.
Lesson learnt? Emotion sometimes aren't so good. It blocks your brain from thinking straight. Today, (perhaps partially because it's not my flight) I wasn't panicking; I was able to think straight and keep my eyes at the goal - to get on the next available flight. :) Works out well - one more night with my lovey sis. :)
They're flying out tomorrow - how I wish I can fly out too.. :P

Oh well, not to worry, I've got plenty of things to keep myself occupied for the next month and a half... Sydney trip with lia n angie; installing UBUNTU on my laptop; tidy up my wardrobe; cleaning my house; finishing off my books n stacks of magz; watch the DVDs; and perhaps, if i have more than enough time, which is unlikely, watch House and Veronica Mars. :D

Ciao.. Oyasumi.


zen sugiarto said...

uhh... sounds tiring (and familiar). You know at times like this, I often have this song playing in my head. A song by Arkana that goes "so little time, so much to do..." u know? It just repeats in a cycle... dang.

Anyway, be careful when you play with linux. Whatever they say, bottom line it's still... user unfriendly

RE: watching movie, sometimes I find it hard to find time to let myself relax and stop for a bit. I don't know how I become such a workaholic - esp with my gf gone, I've lost my 'brake'. :p

oh well, better get back to work.

zen sugiarto said...

Actually, here's a quote I really like from the Matrix by the great merovingian:

"if we never *take* time, how can we ever have time?"

:p ciao

piyo-chan said...

hahahahha that quote is so true... :)))
i hope i'll find out soon whether or not it is for me :) hehe oh well, i found vi to be VERY user un-friendly at first.. now it certainly is not user un-friendly to me. :)