Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year !!!

It's that time of the year again - the Chinese New Year!!!

The time when everyone put on their pretty new clothes.
The time when the younger relatives visit and pay their respect to the older relatives.
The time when the un-married people get to receive the red pockets (with money $$$ in it) :) from the people who are married.

It's been more of a good thing than bad thing for me so far.
Let's see...
It's good cause I'm one of the un-married ones ($$$ _ $$$).
It's good cause I get to see quite a lot of the relatives whom I haven't seen for quite a while.
It's good cause then I don't have to find a separate time within my short holiday to visit my uncles and aunties again - saves me a lot of time.
Also, it's good cause I get to see my younger cousins (who all seem to have grown up so quickly hence make me feel a bit old) as well as to do big catch-up (that I enjoy) with the ones that are about my age.

Mmm.. The bad points?
It's bad cause the older relatives tend to ask about 'the' topic; i.e. "Marriage - When?" Problem? Mmmm.. Trying to explain that I no longer have a boyfriend to marry and having to hear "*LOL* you're kidding - so WHEN are you getting married?" *Sigh* I guess that's what happen when you joke around too much about serious things!
It's bad cause the unavoidable thing happen a lot - comparison with the other cousins; e.g. she looks good - he looks good - her partner is great - his partner is great - etc. This year has been OK; I get slightly more complments than complains :P. But the way I see it - it means that I have to make sure I improve or at least stay the way I am at the moment - else next year I'll be amongst the doomed ones. Not that I care THAT much :P.

Anyway - need to start counting the amount of money I get for putting up with sweet-talking the whole day... :P Oyasumi!

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