Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tarq 4 Reunion - 16th February 2007 - Twin Plaza Hotel

Just got back from the reunion thing - I was a bit worried at first (haven't seen most people for a longgggg time!!!) - but it turned out great. The attendance was a bit low (only ~65 people were there!!!) but the catching ups were great. So many people with so many different stories. Most of them are back here though - doing something... :)
It's a lot of fun and exciting to see them as who they're today along with the shadows of what they used to be :)) Remembering names have always been my issue but luckily Jefrey helped a lot :P And, special thanks to all the people I asked for help taking pictures - thanks heaps!!! :)
It was an AWESOME nite indeed - thanks to those who somehow managed to find time to organize this :)

Pics below:
Tar-Q 4 Girls

Tar-Q 4 Boys

Me and my bessies :) (Jefrey + Pipi)

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