Thursday, February 22, 2007

Loving and Being Loved in Return

Ever since I moved away from Indo, I spend a bit of time during my trip back to Jakarta, going through old letters, cards and pictures. I have always enjoy doing it cause every time it reminds me of different things as well as gives me different type of mixed feelings.

I've just done my second round for this trip and ...
... I really enjoy the feeling it gives me today. :)

I felt that in my 24+ years of life - I've been really close to quite a few different people (non-family related people); I've cared and loved quite a few of them; and from browsing through the letters, cards and pictures; I realised that I've been loved and cared by quite a few of them too... Of course, some more than others, and for some past tense doesn't quite work - cause they're still around me. I guess that's the power of handwritten hard-copies :) It touches you more than the emails' block characters can do.

There are quite a few people that I don't recall have ever sent me letters/cards and apparently they have - and going through the letters; it seems like I've sent them letters/cards too.. haha me and my bad memory.

The sad part is that it reminds of some people that I'd really like to be still in touch with but with time constraint, things changing, and people moving, it's tricky.

When I first moved from Medan to Jakarta - two friends keep me busy with letters that definitely make me laugh - Herlin S and Cindy S (my cousin) - we were still kids back then; so the things that we write aren't exactly interesting; but we kept in touch for almost 2 years.. that's LONG for 10-11 years old!

After that, there is this pen pal that I still haven't met (Maura C) or maybe I have - I can't remember. Mmm then there are some other letters.. OJ has been a great pen-pal for quite sometime too.. Mmm.. who else?

Anyway, the list can go on and on but my point is... I think it is really great to realise that we've sincerely loved & cared for someone and been (I think and hope.. sincerely too) loved and cared for in return by quite a few people... These people - however far they are from me right now... have definitely gives meaning to my life... In fact, this whole thing might be what life is about to me... :D

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