Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Magazine Cover

I walked past a newsstand on the way to work this morning, glanced at the display window and one of the weekly gossip magazine cover caught my eyes. I'm not sure which magazine it was, but it says "Celebrity Real Weight", as in body weight in kilograms.

The first thing that comes to mind was "Why would the magazine think that anyone would be interested to know that information?". Then, "Surely no one is going to buy that magazine because of that cover?". Next, "Hmm.. I wonder if us female are really crazy enough to buy the magazine to get that information." "But why??? It's useless!!" "Is it really useless?" "Sure it is!" "Hmm.. I don't know.. It did get my attention.." "But why did it get my attention?"

OK - that's enough.. Let it go.

One last thing. It's a little sad that with everything that is happening in the world today (global warming, economy crisis, etc), with the vast amount of information flowing around us, and with the inability to find enough time to do the things we want to do and keep up with the rapid changes in our life today - we are still making the time to read and then talk about that type of useless information.
Note: I use the word "we" for a reason... I too commit the crime. *sheepish smile* But, I'm working on it... pushing the urges away. One day at a time. :P

I found the magazine cover.

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