Monday, July 27, 2009


In general, when I rate myself or how I do things - I compare up. I aim to be better. I wonder why I'm not as good as "X" or "Y". That's the weirdly miniscule competitive side of me. I don't go crazy over trying to win something - but when I do compare - I definitely look up. Some people look down. They look at others who do worse than them and think that they're good for not doing as bad as the others. Which is fine, I suppose. But not as good, I think. I mean - they'll be less likely to improve. Maybe it's just a preference thing.

But - this whole new curly hair thing has definitely taught me something new.

I have to be very careful when I look up or compare up. Who am I comparing myself with? Is this someone that is directly above me or diagonally above me? *LOL* I'll probably lose you soon. It's a bit tricky to explain - or maybe it's just my crazy brain. But, for example, as a straight hair lady who just had her hair permed - I should not go about comparing my hair with a naturally curly hair lady. She has been dealing with her hair since she was a teenager. Just like how well I know my hair and how best to style it. Obviously, her hair will look better.

I'm struggling with this new hairstyle. I should have just stick with my nicely straight hair and learn to curl it with that straightening iron thing (if you're confused - don't be - the new way to curl your hair is with straightening iron, it comes out prettier than with curling iron :P)!!

Anyway - lesson learnt! Next time, I should work and do my best with what I've got before starting at level 0 with something new. I was already at level 60 or 70 with styling my straight hair! Now I have to start at level 0 again! Hmphhh!!!

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