Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm on Top of the World!

At yoga today, I have just come into this really really big realisation that I was very scared of losing that I keep having to remind myself throughout the whole class. It's priceless. Seriously!

I am such a whinger. Whinge and don't act. I will change that.

I am extremely lucky and everything around me is great, if not amazing. I have an awesome husband who I love so so so very much, and love me back just as much (maybe a tiny weeny bit less - cause I love more! :P). I have an extraordinary family; kewl, fun, weird at times but just lovely. Plus, the friends and people that I have around me are just super great.

Yep yep - I know none of this is new realisation. I've said this before.
Then, what's new?

Well - today, I realise that... I'm great. Actually, scratch that, I'm AWESOME. Ha-ha. Yes. That's why my life is awesome!

But you know what - I'm going to make it even better. How?
By actively choosing what I want to do and skip those that holds no value for me.
No regrets. Life is too short for regrets.
I'm 26 turning 27. A full grown up with no financial issue or health issue or mental issue (or so I think :P).

The realisation brings me to think that - hey! I can do anything if I do want to do it enough. Why? Becoz - I am one very capable person with substantial intelligence. Better than average! (at least I think so :P) So you know what I'll do next? I will put my focus into learning and doing things related to AI. Why? Cause I can. Cause it's cool and interesting. Cause I can choose to do things that are cool and interesting! :P

Good nite!

Check out Google Wave Preview.


Louisa said...

yaaay do the things you love doing :P or think you love doing.
And btw, yes permed hair is not what you think T_T (well now u know :P)... HOWEVER... you have a much much MUUUUUUCCCCCH lovelier result than mine, so I give you permission to switch ur preferences to comparing down to my past mess of a curly hair >:P (and is ok if you do because my hair has long since outgrown those tight curls hehe).
I think with a curling product you will definitely be able to achieve those photos you uploaded (and when your hair grows a little longer). My friend is coming back from Japan sometime soon and i've asked her to get me some hair styling products, when I get mine, I'll let u test it (cos it's for 'waves') or something. It might control it nicely... and smell nice :)...
see you soooon, i hope ur ski trip was good! gimme another week or two, my 'very nice' aunty may hav come and gone by then ... ;)

piyo-chan said...

lol i've gone and put a lot of effort into perming the hair and guess what, i've finally you-tubed how to curl hair using straightening iron and the result isn't too bad hahaha :P so now i have ended up curling my hair myself!!! lol :P
hahaha ok ok didn't go snow this week.. will go with u guys in a few weeks time! :))) hahaha (hugs)

Louisa said...

yeh curling with a straightening iron works quite well, but not good to do it often +_+ ... i'm not sure if perming hair is worse or not :P! hehe

but u are still young (is this weird coming from me since i am even younger ;D???), so a little experimentation with hair is no problem :P ... cos on the street when i see the back of a 'girl' with lovely long permed hair and then she turns around and she looks like 60 T___T;;; ...SHORT permed hair looks much better on grandmas :)

piyo-chan said...

hahaha it's all rectified with tresemme heat protector (or so i think :P)
hahahha yes - i know what u mean - better to experience now than when i'm 60? :P hahaha

Louisa said...

yes! as wise boy charles once said (actually he got it from a book haha) "You would rather regret what you HAVE DONE, than what you HAVEN'T DONE" ... so good work :D! ... but hey once again ur hair looks lovely so i guess it doesn't apply to u ;) kekeke

here's a little random cheer (again from charles, what will i do without him :) possibly some uni work...):

piyo-chan said...

lol - i think u meant "u're more likely to regret what you haven't done than what you have done". but i guess what you said is true too.. :)
nah - i do like the hair now (even though i have to curl it using straightening iron every few days :P) hahaha
it's a change - and change is what keeps us going - isn't it? :) hahaha
lol - yes - i'm glad you two r very good at entertaining each other.. last year of uni is hard work :))) it's great to have someone you supports you through it =)