Tuesday, September 12, 2006

An extract for Life Swap by Jane Green

Just finished reading the book...

"'I know I've only been here a week, but I feel as though I'm having one epiphany after another. I was so nervous about coming, so convinced I had done the wrong thing, I almost thought about backing out, but now I see why I'm here.'
'I needed to get away from my life for a while to really see it properly. I knew I wasn't happy, but I love my husband and love my kids, and couldn't figure out what it was that was wrong.'"

"Even now, even knowing what she knows, the grass still looks just a little bit greener, but as she starts to read t he article, she realizes that just because the grass looks greener doesn't necessarily mean that it is, and although her garden may be small, her flowers not yet blooming, her lawn just getting ready to renew itself after a drought, her grass isn't so bad."

A good read indeed, at the right time too.
It sorts of trying to remind me the fact that the grass on the other side always looks greener, but once you're there, you'll start looking at your own side thinking that your grass looks greener.
Not all of us have a chance to try to go to the other side, so why not start appreciating what we've got for now. Change what we can and adapt to what we can't change. Perception is the key. If we perceive our life as a life worth living, we'll have more chance of living the life of our dream. =)

A good wake up call for me.

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