Saturday, September 30, 2006

My ideal way of spending Saturday

Wake up at 10 a.m., get ready to go to Richmond's Fitness First to join the Gary's Body Pump class from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m., then straight to the steam room - my favorite gym facility - for 15 mins of relaxing and shower time.

Next, it's time to think bout what's for lunch. Hmm... Since the plan is to go to Chadstone Shopping Centre, lunch at CCR (Caulfield Chinese Restaurant) seems like a good choice... reminiscing my uni days. So, dressed in black sleeveless top over blue tank plus the new-ish jeans (the one which ever since I got from Sportsgirl couple weeks go has became my favorite jeans), and my gray-ish jean jacket, i left for my shopping spree.

Melbourne's weather is lovely today. Must have been the result of the work of the Australian Rain Prevention department, as a preparation for the AFL grand final today, West Coast vs. Sydney. The result can be viewed here. This is what makes it even better to go shopping in Chadstone. Everyone is heading to the city, hence the road to Chadstone will be free of traffic. :P

We arrived in Caulfield only to find out that CCR is closed :(. Might be caused of the uni semester break (stealing Sugi's assumption... :P). We had to re-think the ideal lunch place. I thought of Kimchi in Carnegie (it's still on the way to Chadstone), but my sis quickly turn down this idea (she somehow hates Korean food). So we went to J.J. express in Carnegie (Sugi's recommendation - he used to eat there a lot while he worked in Comm2 and he loved it). It was enjoyable. I had Katsu Curry Don (which is the second time this week, it has became my favorite meal lately).. Yumm... Still, I constantly picking on Sugi's fried rice and 2 dishes meal. :P This is a very bad habit of mine. Can't resist the temptation of picking at others' plate. I end up feeling like a pig. So darn full.

Consoled myself that I'm gonna spend my time walking in Chaddy. ;)
When we got there, did not spare anytime at all - straight to Priceline - bought body lotions (it was on special yay!). Next, tightrope (cheapy clothing store). Found a nice blue white stripey shirt - purchased. Proceed to Sportsgirl - did not find anything special. Continued to Cue. They've got the nicest work wear. Seriously. I always loved their display. Very very pretty dresses / shirts / skirts. I'd love to have a wardrobe full of their clothes. :P
They have some stuffs 50% off!!! Mmmm.. An excuse to browse.. Bad move! Bought a pretty top (light brown with a hint of orange). It looks very nice on. 75 AUD$ - a bargain from the original price of 150 AUD$.

That's the end of my shopping spree - I thought. But, nope. Went to Myer - browse around - trying to spend the 25 AUD$ gift card that I got from the MyerOne card. Didn't find anything worth buying though. Was too tired to try on stuffs anyway. Kept walking. Arrived at JB Hi-Fi. Remember that I need new headphone (now that the one I got only gives out sound to my left ear and complete silence in my right ear..) and a stack of CD-Rs. Bought these and decided that it's time to go home, else I'll end up with couple weeks of sandwiches for lunch (cause I dun have money to buy lunch).

Got home and straight on to my laptop. Blogging. Relaxing. Hmmm... Time to start browsing the web now.

My ideal Saturday indeed.

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