Friday, September 15, 2006

words of advice

"When you know who you are and like yourself, you don't have to hide, sell or exaggerate anything.
The first step to talking like a winner is acting like one; so if you find yourself stumbling over excuses of how the dog ate that report to your boss, you really have only yourself to blame.
The best way to make your words sound good is to be as good as your word.
Make your promises count, admit to mistakes without attempting to palm off blame and keep your commitments. This immediately makes your words meaningful.
When you choose to pay a compliment, make it genuine and specific.
Ask lots of questions and don't assume you know the answers.
Be clear about what you want.
Remember that being a good communicator is ofter more about being a great listener."
Extracted from how to be an irresistible woman by Lisa Helmanis

Great stuff!

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