Wednesday, October 04, 2006

the devil wears prada


Last nite, I went to watch it and I LOVED loved LOVED loved LOVED it!!!

I loved it at so many different levels.
Loved how it reminds me of the Sex and the City series feel.
Loved the makeover they've done to Anne Hathaway. Loved the various ways she wears her make up. Loved the clothes and accessories they put on her (not that she even needs any) and all the other girls @ Runway. They all look like models (Gisele certainly plays her part effortlessly).
Loved the way Meryl Streep changed the scene with her presence - she's extraordinary. Loved the way she said 'That's all...' with her soft voice.
On top of that, I loved Stanley Tucci as the cute and kind hearted Nigel - he's just so lovable!!! With his cute comments and all...
I also think Simon Baker and the Entourage guy, Adrian Grenier played their part really well as the seductive famous guy and the loving attentive boyfriend respectively. Emily Blunt was also great in playing the first assistant role.
Loved the scenes and can't get enough of the fashionista feel of the movie.
All in all, the casts were great and no on could have done a better job than David Frenkel in directing this movie!!!

For a movie which book I've read and for such a simple story line (as with any other chick flick, expected ending), this was very entertaining and excellently made. Every scene is just pretty, dazzling and lovely. I'd give anything to be Anne Hathaway in that movie for a day. :P

Rating: 8.5/10

That's all... ^.^

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li'l cookie said...

seriously?? I canceled my weekend coz my friends were watching that movie.. not a chessy teen movie? anne hathaway? *puke* NAYAHAYAHAYA. two thumbs up for meryl though ;)