Friday, March 02, 2007

Melbourne, my home...

One of my best friend is visiting Melbourne in April. I am SUPER excited - but a bit nervous too. Really don't want to disappoint her. She's only going to be here for 5 days. That means I really have to make sure I show her the best of Melbourne during that short period.

I arrived in Melbourne ~7 years ago and I still remember my first trip from Tullamarine Airport. I fell in love with the city, especially with the amazing scenery along Yarra River. Although I find everything here very interesting and pretty, after all these years, the convinience it offers becomes Melbourne's main attraction to me. So, even though I think Melbourne is still very much filled with pretty people, places and things; I don't know if Pipi will see it that way. The thing is I really really really want her to see the magic of the city...

I love Melbourne so much. But when it comes to showing people around Melbourne, I get confused. Which part of Melbourne should I show her? Which part I can't miss???

Let's do a short trip down the memory lane...

When I first arrived in Melbourne, I lived in Bundoora; studied in La Trobe Foundation Year.
Favorite Food? McDonald's and the Uni food stall's Chicken Schnitzel *LOL*.
Favorite Activity? Walking to the 24 hour Coles near my house.
Favorite People? Cath & My Landlord (Auntie Colleen's family).
Distance to the city? 1 hour by tram.
Nearest Shopping Mall? Northland.
Free Time Activity? Chatting (Phone/Net).
It was a lovely place to live in. Nice and quiet in a friendly way. Friendly people. Not too overwhelming. It reminds me that back then, the once-a-week trip to the city seems very grand.

After a year, I moved to Ivanhoe; studied in Monash Caulfield. Due to the length of the journey, I moved to Murrumbeena within couple months. Then, because of one reason or another, I moved to South Yarra.
Favorite Food? Anything that I can eat while walking (No friends in uni and I CAN'T eat alone!!!)
Favorite Activity? Walking down Southbank and Yarra River area every weekend with the Lvl-17-girls.
Favorite People? The Lvl-17-girls!!!
Distance to the city? 40 mins by train.
Nearest Shopping Mall? Chadstone - maybe - didn't go to the mall much though. CBD and Caulfield Coles mainly.
Free Time Activity? Can't remember! :)
Both Ivanhoe and Murrumbeena are a bit too quiet for me. Very dark at night. Living with Cath, Agnes, and Marda near Lia and Cella was a lot of fun and very pleasant. My computer is still pretty much my life. :)

Since then, I pretty much stayed in South Yarra. Till now. Studied in Monash for 3 years. Then worked (still am) in the city for 2 years and a bit now.
Favorite Food? Mmm.... Changes every month.
Favorite Activity? Mmm... Changes every week.
Favorite People? Met too many interesting people to mention.
Distance to the city? 10 mins by train.
Nearest Shopping Mall? Dun have one. City, Chadstone, Victoria Gardens.
Free Time Activity? Don't have FREE TIME!!! :P

Anyway, back to the main topic... what should be on my Melbourne must-visit list?
- Crown Casino/Yarra River
- St Kilda Beach/Luna Park/Port Melbourne/Williamstown
- Lygon St
- Wilson's Prom
- Chapel St
- Docklands
- Monash University!!! :)))

I love Melbourne... and I really hope Pipi will too.

Any suggestions are welcome...


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