Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Edge - Eureka Skydeck 88

The Edge - Eureka Skydec88.

Shanon sent me this link, The Fear of Falling, a little while ago - early May I think. I flick through it; but for some reasons didn't really translate the content in my head.
More recently, Chai (my colleague) talked about this glass cube (I'm talking ceiling, floor and walls) in Eureka Tower where you walk in there while it is blurry. Then, they'll flick a switch, you'll hear a crack sound and the glass will change from blurry to transparent. Geez - it sounded very cool!!! Then and there I made up my mind to go and check it out! :P
Then today I was going through some of my to-do list and this link was on the list - so thought I'd read the post properly this time. Ick!!! How annoying. If I had read through the post properly - I would have known about it first!!! :P hahahaha *Kia-Su*

Anyway, it's definitely on my places-to-visit-list.

PS: Found another interesting blog of a Melburnian - Metroblogging Melbourne. Check it out!


lil' cookie said...

bisa mati gw

piyo-chan said...

aehauiheauiheauiea u would be excited!!! :)