Thursday, May 31, 2007

Desire for Picnic at a Lakeside

I suddenly have this MASSIVE urge of going for a picnic at a lakeside. Fine - it doesn't have to be at a lakeside. Has to be on the grass though.

I'll get to eat my sandwich (cut in a triangle shape n first bite off the middle of the sandwich - NOT from the side!!!). Yumm...

With cheese and crackers. Some fruit salad. What else? Mmm.. wine maybe? Though with my level of tolerance towards alcohol, maybe apple/grape spritzer would be better.
Then, the one thing that can't be forgotten; i.e. DESSERT!!! Quadriple Yummm.... (It's DEFINITELY more than quadriple yumm but I like quadriple word.. :P)

Anyway - here's some holiday inspirational links...
- Lakeside Picnic !! - source: Virtual Tourist
- Holiday Shop
- Visit Yarra Valley
- Marylands Country House

and if you have moreee $ $ $ to spare ...
- NYC - Things to do - source: Virtual Tourist
- Paris - Things to do - source: Virtual Tourist

I'm DESPERATELY SEEKING for a proper holiday!!! It needs to be cheap and LOTS OF FUN and relaxation and glamorous though. Complete with yummy food, 5-stars-hotels, fabulous sceneries... :P


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