Thursday, May 24, 2007

boredom: topic of the day

why do people get bored?
why does it seem that some people find it easy to be happy and content?
why do i get bored?
why do i get into this cycle of boredom again and again?

is wanting to be able to actually enjoy your work overrated?
or is wanting to have as much money as possible overrated?
actually... what is overrated? what is not?

what is wrong with me?
what is it that i want?

all i know is that this boredom is not doing me any good...
it makes me feel like eating all the time...
it makes me an annoying soul that whinge all the time...
it makes me wonder and dislike myself even more...

"Boredom is a condition characterized by perception of one's environment as dull, tedious, and lacking stimuli." -- wikipedia

yes - that's it.
i need to introduce stimuli in my life :P

"A common way to escape boredom is through creative thoughts or daydreaming." -- wikipedia

Mmmm.. daydreaming... let's see...
I'm in New York... walking down Fifth Avenue... looking at the pretty people walking quickly around me... looking at the shops.. visiting Macy's... taking the boat to Brooklyn... seeing different kind of people... let's see... what else? snowing? maybe... that would be nice... ^.^

La la la Bored.


Zen Sugiarto said...

Ms. Chattybox, it's all in your mind. I think ppl get bored when they don't have anything to achieve.

We all always have something to do, but we all need something to achieve, like a target we want to reach. The struggle in reaching that target, and the sweet moment when we get what we want, that's what makes it interesting.

Do some planning, set some goal, and work for it. Boredom will quickly go away when there's a reason behind what you do!

just my 2 cents lalala

Zen Sugiarto said...

another alternative: watch HEROES, it's damn good ^^