Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Charlotte's Web and My Horoscope for Today

Charlotte's Web [2006]
-- Based on the Book by E. B. White

Where should I begin to praise this enchanting movie?

I only watched it today cause my sister suggested it and I thought I don't mind seeing how Dakota acts in it. It turns out to be a very very enjoyable movie to watch. Actually - I'm putting it on the list of my-highly-recommended-movies.. I, for one, wouldn't mind re-watching it..

The story line was simple and pure, yet very sweet.
The barn-talking-animals and the story were made for the kids; but Dakota's act, Wilbur's cute voice, Charlotte's wisdom along with the way the story unfold was well directed to touch the heart of the adults (it definitely touch me!! :P). The sweet magical theme music was a great companion too.

It was lovely to be reminded of how sweet and innocence the mind of a child can be. It also make me very grateful of the miracle of life. To top it off, it reminds me of how wonderful friendship and love can be (not that I haven't been reminded enough with all the extra-ordinary and sweet people I have around me)...

Mmmm... The sweet ol' "What can one do without others?"

I truly believes in the power of friendship and love - they are for sure the essence of life - and I always love to be reminded of it...

Anyway - I don't want to gets ur hopes up too much and ruin the movie for you all.. If you haven't watch it - please do - especially when you feel like winding down with a sweet and lovely movie... It does the job in a brief 1 hour and 53 mins...
Cause I would definitely like to watch it again and experience the nice feelings again... :)

Virgo on 31st July 2007
When it comes to romantic relationships, dear Virgo, you might find that you are playing more of a game of hide-and-go-seek than a combined effort towards friendship, trust, and honesty. It could be that you are purposely trying to hide as well as you can in order to test the true stamina of your opponent. You might want to consider taking a new approach at this time, one that involves an effort towards connection instead of distancing.
-- My Yahoo!

Mmmmmmm... Do I really do that? Maybe? :P


lil' cookie said...

hmm.. charlotte's web ya..

piyo-chan said...

ya... must see!! :P

Freddy Tan said...

I've been looking for it.. mo banget gua nonton.. anak kecil nya lucuu~

piyo-chan said...

wado fred jangan incest ya :P hahaha dia masi kecil banegettt :P

lil' cookie said...

ih udah gendut.. incest lagi..
dakota emang toobb.. gw pernah pengen namain anak gw dakota.. tapi nanti panggilnya susah keqnya..

Freddy Tan said...

loh kok incest sih.. HAHA gua org nya baek~ pipi tuh yg harus hati2 HAHAHA anak nya di namain dakotan.. HAHAHA