Saturday, July 07, 2007

A very enjoyable weekend...

First of all, I'd like to congratulate Margaretha and Sammy for their wedding on the 6th July 2007.
And... to Charley and Diana for their wedding on the 7th July 2007.
It's been a bit like that lately.. People getting married; people having babies... Mmm.. I should rephrase.. It might have always been like that - but lately; the people are my friends... people I know... some of them quite well too... Does that indicate something?

Finally tried Body Attack at Fitness First today - it was A LOT OF FUN!!! Seriously! The first cardio class which I really enjoy.. There was a lot of jumping and running but I really enjoyed it!!! Definitely going back for more... (in hope doing that class together with Body Pump will get me somewhat nearer to healthier body :P)

Chatted with Pipi today too.. somewhere in between all of these activities - couldn't stop laughing from her stupid jokes (As long as it doesn't turn real *touch wood* i'm good) ! :) miss you lots, pi!!!

Met one of my old friend today; Airine. Haven't seen her since last year. It was fun catching up with her for a little bit... She's been studying in London for the past year.. Sounds like she's having lots of fun - travelling a bit around Europe. Have to make sure I get to visit Europe sometime between now and June next year - while accommodation is still free :P Anyway - went browsing around the city - all the clothes are screaming at me saying "Buy me..." with their red tags... So many pretty dresses. Pretty shirts. Pretty tops. It seems to me that everything is on sale.. But, I stayed strong and refused to even try them on! :P HAHAHA.. Have to say I did quite well.

As the reward, I get to go to Karaoke. LOTS OF FUN!!! Lots of singing + Lots of jumping in Body Attack - now I'm fully relaxed and all set to fly away to dream land... :)

I've decided to appreciate myself more. I need to learn to know my own strengths and weaknesses. I need to learn to be less bias. ^.^ I want to start liking myself more :) because that way - it makes it even easier to be happy and stay happy :) and happiness.. is my goal!

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