Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Goal

"If you want to be happy,
set a goal that commands your thoughts,
liberates your energy,
and inspires your hopes."
- Andrew Carnegie

*Sigh* What is my version of that goal?

I like ...
- Being busy or "in the moment" (so absorbed into something that I can't think of anything else)
- Learning or experiencing new and interesting things
- Understanding people
- Puzzles
- Talking to people (can't believe I nearly forget to list this...)
- Earning sh*tloads of money (mmm... but then again - who doesn't?)
- Traveling
- Blogging (of course! Why else would I be doing this whenever I feel unmotivated?)
- Photographs (incl. all 3 types of activity; i.e. taking them, being taken in them and simply viewing them!)
- Helping people when I can (the kind of happiness achieved from making others happy normally last the longest :P)
- Social gatherings (strictly with the "right" people only!)
- Putting things (and/or events) together (it's the satisfaction of achieving something that I'm addicted to...)
- Organizing (home, work, clothes, list, etc ) - it's very difficult not to get excited when you see the end result forming...
- Reading (especially chick-lits and intriguing blogs)
- Movies (especially romantic-comedies and meaningful or touching stories)
- Pretty houses (especially the minimalistic ones..)

I dislike ...
- Tedious useless tasks
- Silly work politics
- Being bored sh*tless or unmotivated (which unfortunately is the way I feel at the moment...)

I really really really desperately need to find "The Goal"...

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