Saturday, February 02, 2008

Prom Queen

I've started to read a new fiction book after a long break from them (been reading trashy magazine plus various self help materials).. It's titled "Nearlyweds" written by Beth Kendrick. It has been a very enjoyable read so far (in fact, I'm at the last few chapters in 2 days time). It also has sweet memory cause I bought them at one of the coolest bookstore Kinokuniya in Sydney.
Anyway - as I was reading... this excerpt from the book (page 232 -233 on the first paperback edition November 2006) got me thinking...
"She wants you to notice her."
"I do notice her."
I raised an eyebrow. "What was she wearing at the grocery store yesterday?"
"Give me a break! No guy remembers that kind of stuff!"
"When was the last time you gave her flowers for no reason? When was the last time you cooked dinner for her or wrote her a really gushy love letter?"
"See? She wants to be treated like the prom queen. Like she's the only woman in the world and you'd rather be single for the rest of your life than date anyone but her."
He mulled this over for a minute. "The thing is, though, she's way better than the prom queen. When we were in high school, Anna Delano was prom queen, and she wasn't half as pretty as Case. She was mean, too, really mean. She and her friends used to corner Casey in the girls' bathroom and -"
"And you dated this chick?"
"When I was seventeen. I didn't know any better."
"Okay, then. You need to show Casey that she's much more important to you than this other hag ever was. Whatever you did to get Anna Delano, you need to do something ten times as spectacular for Casey. She's your wife."
"Not until she marries me again," he said stubbornly.
"Which she's never going to do unless you stop being such an ass and romance the hell out of her."

Now - my thoughts...
"Do all girls need to be treated like prom queen to feel loved?"
"What is the real connection between girls and prom queen treatment?"
"Are we actually wired to feel loved when we are being romanced?"
"Or has these books or movies done a very good job to make us perceived being romanced as being loved?"

Mmm... what is it with me and these questions?


Kenji said...

based on the excerpt, I believe PROM QUEEN is just a parable for the best girl, because she was CHOSEN by majority voice.
so, I think prom queen treatment is somewhat like being a love slave...

but you do have a point here we got some consistency problems here...

I can not figure out the connection between remembering what she was wearing with romancing her... the best playboy might even not remember all those detailed.

What I believe is... woman tends to see something in details, contrary man will see something in global whole situation. when things going tough, man will find woman accusing, blaming him out for some stupid unimportant reason (men say: those detailed unimportant stuffs)... while women find the man very uncared, ignorant, demanding something as payback for what he did (women say : he just do what he want, do not care about me)

Every problem in relationship usually caused by both, but in this excerpt sound like it is all man's fault. so for me, this fiction book perhaps won't work for male reader...

just IMHO :D

piyo-chan said...

lol - it's nice to get a sneak peek on someone else's view :)
this excerpt was towards the end - and yup - the book was surely written for gals and it's more leaning towards the girl's perceptions and say - hence the feeling as if it's blaming the man's fault...
but it's not like that in real life - gals do know that men are not always at fault (well - at least i do)... like you say - we just see things differently.