Monday, March 13, 2006

- my sydney weekend trip -

i just had such a fabulous weekend.. went to Sydney for a two day trip and met couple of old friends!!! other than that, also got to enjoy the krispy kreme doughnuts!!! yummm.... and to think that this is sort of the first time i actually do something this big without prior planning!!! =D spend quite a lot though.. especially on food.. haha =D but i had such a great time i don't really mind!!!
i'm actually trying hard to put up some pictures but blogger doesn't really want to work with me!!! everytime i upload the pic it gave me error message!!! grrrr....
during my 2 day trip in Sydney - i got to meet Tasha, Nicko, Airine, Fenny and got to talk on the phone with Octojohn!!! hahaha.. it was so funny... cause out of these five old friends of mine, only Airine and Tasha whom i actually called to meet up... i met Fenny in Market City's Esprit shop.. she works there only during weekends -what are the odds?? then Nicko - he turns out to be Tasha's friend too!!!! wow.... such a small world... and the one with smallest odd of all, Octojohn!!! he actually works in the hotel that i stayed in!!!! imagine that!!! of all the hotels that exist in Sydney, i actually stayed in the one that he works at, and of all the days he work, the one nite i actually stayed in that hotel, he works too !!! but such a shame i didn't get to actually meet him in person, he was actually nice enough not wanting to wake me up ! :P hahaha =D
anyway... it was really great... it's funny how even spending couple minutes with one of ur old friends can feel sooooo meaningful... and make u feel extremely happy! =D

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