Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Work toward"

Fighting against something is not a very good way to avoid it. For by your efforts to fight it, you give it more power in your life.

Seek instead to create a positive alternative. Make the negative situation irrelevant by building an even more powerful positive force.

The best response to hostility and anger is not more hostility and anger. The best response is a new vision and energy that will move everyone to a more valuable and creative place.

Choose to transcend the fight, and then you can make your way forward unhindered and unopposed. Take the energy of the situation and re-direct it toward positive, productive pursuits.

When you feel the urge to fight, whether against another person, a difficult situation, or your own weakness, stop and reconsider. Instead of fighting against, is there something even more compelling that you can work toward?

Almost always, there is. And the moment you choose it, you're already moving quickly ahead.
-- Ralph Marston

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