Friday, March 03, 2006

sunny side up

yesterday on my way home, when i got to platform 2 in Parliament train station, as usual, i looked for my iPaq to put on some music. guess what? i looked and i looked and "Grrrr"!!! I left them at my office!!!! *not happy at all* i left them on my desk next to my computer's monitor!! mmmm now i know why my bag felt kinda light n empty... i had to walk all the way back to the office to get it before i could go home..
as i was walking back to the office, i gave lia, my dearest gal pal a call just to blabber... hehe =) as soon as she answered the call i go on n complain bout the fact that i left my iPaq in my office... not really complaining.. more sharing my feeling.. =) i told here - i wasn't happy!!! and u know what my darling n understanding friend said? she said that 'well, look at the bright side... at least u realised it before u got home... imagine if u had found out at 10 pm nite time... u would have gone nuts panicking bout ur iPaq...'
she's so goddamn rite.. if it had been at nite time... i would have come all the way from my home to my office anyway... hehe.. i am that kind of person.. i goes paranoid thinking bout stuffs that i needn't worry bout... haha i won't be able to relax until i've got my iPaq back in my hand... and she actually made me feel thankful that i realised it earlier than later, instead of angry because i had to walk all the way back to the office...
i'm so thankful that i have such a friend to remind me to look at the bright side of things.. often, in our life, when we are faced with small difficulties, we complain and complain and complain without realising, it's not a major thing to complain bout... why bother ruin ur mood over such a small thing?

the lesson of the day is, look at the bright side! =D

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