Sunday, July 23, 2006

Consulting Training session with "Graeme Simsion"

I attended a consulting training session presented by the famous "Graeme Simsion".
To be honest, I've never heard about him till today and I only found out bout him after the training session. This kinda shows how prepared I am.. (not very much..) Well, what can I say? It's a "Saturday" training session - how prepared can you be? Luckily I manage to hold the urge for coffee till after lunch (we had LOTS of pasta n pizza - it's a wonder no one actually fall asleep after that). It was a highly intersting session. I learnt a lot from it... and it can only add to my to do list...

From the training, here's a list of thing I need to focus on improving:
- Communication skill (CRUCIAL!!!)
- Negotiation skill --> keyword "IF" and win-win (will come in handy..)
- Dress code (whether i like it or not, this is what creates the first impression of urself to strangers)
- Be an expert at something (being OK in everything doesn't cut it, you need to be a 'GURU ' at something!)
- Team Player (pass the buck (ie. blaming someone else) is not a good thing!)
- "What happen in the kitchen - stays in the kitchen" --> What happens within the organisation u work in, stays there... don't make it a client's problem...
- Plan plan and plan... always plan... before action.... THINK HARD!
- MBTI Personality Test

In the training session, we were doing this 'making paper plane' exercise.. Interestingly, from that exercise, the one conclusion that I draw out, was that there is no point of going forward if the thing you're doing is of not a good quality.. I'll be just wasting my time on doing something of low quality which in the end might not pass the quality control anyway. Hence, it's better stop and start a new one properly...

I've always wanted to be a developer.. At the early stage of my career, I thought they are the same thing, but now that I truly know the differences... I can see that being a consultant TOP a developer... =)
The differences between consultant vs developer (or even programmer) can be viewed here..
A v. interesting post =D

After the session, I went to visit Sugi (my partner) and kinda get into this long chat with him (I love these sessions... I simply enjoy getting something out of someone else - useful opinions or just simply debating about nothing in particular)... Anyway, we were chatting about this session that I had - which got me into thinking... Am I in my best shape (I'm not talking bout physically.. but more towards life in general - maybe I shouldn't have use the word shape)? But whatever, yah... am I already doing my best in everything that I do? I sort of feel I'm not that kind of person.. There are times where I feel that I'm kinda a slack.. With life in general, I've been able to get away with not doing much.. and it carries on with me.. I became not so competitive.. doing things in a way where they would 'pass' as OK but not 'WOW'... now, is this something I want to continue doing? NOPE!!! CERTAINLY NOT!
Seriously.. what good can it do to me??? I will only start to appreciate myself less and less. I will not be able to feel proud of what I've done (and in worst case scenario, trying to duck away when asked 'whose work is this?')... Hence, here... in *BOLD*:
I will learn to improve the quality of the work that I've done.
Reward: I'll be able to proudly say 'THIS IS MY WORK AND I'M PROUD OF IT.'

By this I mean, at the time of doing something, I will give it my all - my best and I couldn't have done it any better... no regrets..
Well, while chatting with Sugi, the one skill I've identified that I lack of is 'CONCENTRATION'... I feel it even more lately.. I find it very difficult to focus on one thing.. my brain tends to think of a million other things... and it is not very useful - so I guess I'm gonna have to change that...
Improvement and improvements... I love them... The only thing is they are mostly easier said than done.. but hey, there's no harm in trying and... only by trying.. you can succeed, else.. I'll be forever stuck here...

oh well.. enough for today. oyasumi...

Note to self: need to learn and improve the way I link the topics I'm talking bout and stop jumping from one to another.. :)

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