Thursday, July 27, 2006

hip hop / funk dance class

I've made up my mind. Today is the day I go and try the hip hop / funk dance class in the space. I'll update later tonite (that is if I survive it).
In the mean time, I have 10 minutes to kill. So here I am...
Couple things:

  • My bessie, pipi, said that she thinks my blog's current template colour hurts the eye... So, I'm thinking of updating it - again! =D

  • Other than that, I've just started a new book (for my train rides).. It's quite good so far. A book by Jodi Picoult called "My Sister's Keeper". I won't say anything for now as I've only read as far as page 19.

  • I found this useful post for people who wants to update their blog look. Check's ultimate blogger template list.

  • Work's busy. A bit of Cognos ReportNet stuffs, and a bit of Oracle stuffs. Learn about "Pivot Table" today - Thanks to Eddy. I just can't stop learning. It makes me wonder am I competent enough to do my job? Why do I not know all these things that my other fellow developers know about? I hope I do know things that they don't know about.

5 more minutes to go... Hmm... what else do I have in mind? Plenty. Just not sure which one I'd like to talk about. Mmmmm.... *Put my thinking cap on*.Now I remember!!

  • One word, Jetstar (or two words? Not sure!) The important thing is, they were (might still be) offering EXTREMELY cheap introductory international flights (to Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia [only Bali]) and YES!!!! I got my ticket for under 400$! Tax inclusive. So, I'm going on holiday back to my home!! YAY!!! I am VERY excited. It's still quite a while to go - 6 months. But hey, knowing that I'll be going home sometime in the future feels like seeing the glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. Well, that's a bit exaggerating, I do enjoy my life here. Still, it's a HOLIDAY.. Can't wait to catch up with my bessies, meet up with my family, food, shopping, and etc.

Now my time is up. Sayonara.

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li'l cookie said...

say, you dont have to change it if you dont want to, it looks nice, I especially like the design on top, maybe just the colour :)
still waiting for my cookie template. MWAH :)