Friday, July 28, 2006

hip hop / funk class - episode 2

So... I've done the class and as I have imagine, I feel like a complete idiot in the class. Everyone else were doing so good - but I kept going. You know why? Because there was no one that I know of. I can't feel thankful enough. If there is anyone that I know of, they will certainly laugh till their tummy hurts hahaha. I know I would. I can't even stop smiling thinking bout how stupidly unco-ordinated I am. Oh well, I'm hoping that I can only get better, which is why I bought another voucher for 6 class. =D

1 comment:

zsugiart said...

hahaha Im imagining you fumbling along during the dance class. well dont give up + ciayou!

I like the blog layout btw :-)