Monday, July 31, 2006

the ongoing battle with food n money

i'm not sure if it's just me or is it the same with all other girls.. i've had problem resisting food my whole life.. it has kinda tire me out.. i'm bored of having to always be concious of what i eat, so on and so forth... it makes me wonder if i should go on a really really serious strict diet for short period and then i'll get to eat and do whatever i'd like to do without having to keep watching what i eat.. =) will i though? i doubt it... i, as usual, prefer the quick easy way out.. but apparently with food, exercise, and money, it's a long term thing.. you just have to keep maintaining the balance between the in and out (whether it's ur body or ur wallet)...
the way i deal with money and food/exercise are v similar.. i'd like to be in charge (i have my expense log etc since i was studying in penang) but the truth is i'm not in charge.. i spend my money / eat whenever i feel like.. i'm a little bit better with money than i am with food though.. i still manage to put some money to my saving, whereas with food - i'm hopeless.. i could eat for the sake of satisfaction even when i'm not hungry... i don't do what i'm supposed to do.. i go with the flow.. maybe.. for once, i need to learn to be more discipline.. =P n then i can stop the battle with food or money.. :P

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