Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Albert Einstein's Brain Size, Iraq War and Eating Alone

Fact of the day:
Albert Einstein had a smaller than average brain! His intelligence came from the large number of connections between his brain cells. more details here

Do you know?
  • the tally of US military deaths has risen to 3895 since the Iraq War;
  • the number of Iraqi civilians who have died in the same conflict is estimated at 1,139,602 more details here
Now, how MANY MORE will it take before they realise that they are murdering PEOPLE??? What does it take conclude the war?? Do you think printing this figure on a daily basis at the first page of every paper in the world could conclude the war? SERIOUSLY!!!!!! The 1 million and plus plus figures are of the number of HUMAN BEINGS that have been slaughtered!!!

If you'd like to take actions now, Just Foreign Policy has a few options available...

One last tip, as I was enjoying my lunch in the food court opposite my work building, (alone - which I used to dread big time and have now began to enjoy...), this knowledge finally comes into in my head (I really have no idea why it takes me so long to figure out something like this - which anyone with common sense would have worked out probably the first time they started cooking!). Anyway - the tip is - to start freezing the leftover herbs for next time!!!
I've been trying to cook a bit more lately and the thing I hate about recipes are the herbs that they use! One recipe will require two tablespoon of chopped parsley; some will require 3 sprigs of thyme or 1 stick of spring onion; while the market sell them in bunches. I end up always throwing them away and it annoys me A LOT! It's not that they're expensive - but it feels so much of a waste! Especially if I were to go and buy them again in a week time!!! So, stupid woman (i.e. me), why don't you try and cut them up nicely, store them in containers and put them in the freezer for next time? Geez! :P

Have a great day people!

Psst... if like the-old-me, you dread eating alone - please try it!! I take a reading material with me (cause I can't stand idly eating alone) and I love it! It's awesome and definitely beat eating with colleagues that you don't actually like! :P

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