Friday, January 11, 2008

Countdown: 17 days to Jakarta ^.^

My Jakarta must do:
* All sorts of Hair treatment + full arm & leg scrubs (as many time as possible!)
Note to self: do not "LULURAN" - full body scrub n massage by "mbok2" (old ladies) - scarily no clothing allowed! x(
* Reflexology (as many time as possible!)
* Manicure & Pedicure (as many time as possible!)
* Shopping: Bandung, ITC (International Trade Center), WTC, Taman Anggrek, Plaza Senayan, Senayan City, EX, etc ... ohh and of course Mega Mall (the cheapish shopping mall near my house which is familiar and favorite in a strange way) :P
Plus, Pacific Place, Grand Indonesia updated on 18th Feb 2008
* KARAOKE!!! It's sooooo much cheaper there! :P

My Jakarta must eat:
- Bubur Sumsum
- Martabak (Sweet ones, of course!)
- Bihun Bebek (Duck Rice Vermicelli)
- Kaya Toast!
- Nasi Padang & Satay Padang (Padang Rice - spicy!!! & Satay Padang) YUMMY! - Galung?
- Pondok Laguna (Indonesian Seafood Restaurant) - SUPER YUMMY.
- Hok-ben (Japanese fast food)
- Pizza Hut's Salad!
- Kuay Tiao Sapi (Beef Paper Rice Noodle)
- Mi Kangkung (Market Spicy Kangkung Noodle)
- Sushi Tei n Hachi2
- Eaton cheese cake!
- Bumbu Den's Rica-rica Chicken (YUMMY SPICY CHICKEN!!!)
- Rujak!!!
- Street Fried Rice / Noodles / Kwe Tiao
- Kolak
- Bak Cang (Glutinous rice with fillings wrapped in banana leave)
- Sweet glutinous rice (Bubur Ketan Item)
- Lontong Cap Go Meh
- Corica apple strudel
- Wendy's Baked Potato with Broccoli and Cheese - A MUST!

My Jakarta must bring back to Melbourne food:
+ Mom's pineapple cake
+ Mom's corn flakes cake
+ Spekuk (spicy layered cake)
+ Bika ambon
+ Mbak Oda (my dearest home helper)'s stir fried chilli peanut and dried anchovies
+ Pork floss
+ Prawn crackers
+ Pempek
+ Otak-otak

Will update when I remember more... ^.^

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