Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Post #300: Life Review

"Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?"
- Bob Marley

A little while ago I was feeling the "Quarter Life Crisis" syndrome. Then I went on the search - observing my surroundings, read "Buddhism for Busy People", had a few interesting discussions with Shanon and Pipi and keep browsing these interesting blogs - searching for the secret perfect life recipe...
I didn't find what I was looking for. Why? Well - mainly because 1. there is no such thing as "perfect life" and 2. everyone's idea of it is different - hence no recipe. Oh well - I managed to extract some life tips and inspirational view points which I now try to apply in my life. However - there is still no magic about it - just like any other tips, the benefits are only obtainable permanently if I remember and apply them permanently. I picked a few and applied them for a short while then get distracted by another tips. The cycle goes on and on and on. Now I'm left with lots of life tips that are constantly nagging me in my head - but none actually properly applied in my life.
Or, according to the Sufism saying -
"A donkey with a load of holy books is still a donkey"
... *speechless* I am still a donkey!

Lately (a bit stretched..) mmm actually - for as long as I remember - my mind has always been cluttered. A little bit like my blog. Everything is everywhere. I have all sorts of categories but things don't fit in correctly. I have to use google search bar to find things on my own blog (even to find out if I have blogged about something in the past). Except that my brain doesn't really have search bar - so I ended up doing/reading/watching the same things multiple times.
Yes - I know it is very inefficient. Especially considering that I only have one opportunity for each second of my life and I'm now 25 years into it with no rewind button.

Back to the Bob Marley's quote - am I satisfied with the life I'm living?
Nope - and it is time for me to do something about it.

I'm VERY tired of feeling unorganized and can never find time for anything (even though when I finally have spare time - I wasted them on these games :P).
I am going to declutter my life.

Why decluttering my life? What is going to be my long-term motivations?
I want to live my life to the fullest doing all the things I love to do - but I'm stuck with all these clutters and constant list of should dos.
I'm tired of feeling chased and unorganized.
I need a goal - and it's difficult to aim when I have all these clutters around me.
I feel content and happy when I'm organized. So - It is important for me.

OK - so now that I have decided to do that - where do I start?
For a start, I'm going to quickly go through these cool posts about de-cluttering:
Once I'm done with the reading; I'm going to list my life aspects and prioritize them to be decluttered.

How do I make sure that this decluttering my life decision is not going to be another one of my started-and-never-finished project?
I'm going to do what The Reshaping Project does. I'm going to post my progress updates to keep me going.

That's enough for now - wait for my next post on the list of my prioritized life aspects to be decluttered. :) Wish me luck!

Psst... Check out this photo taken from LifeHack's post, "Clutter 101: How to De-clutter"...

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