Friday, January 04, 2008

Yet Another Extracts from Buddhism for Busy People

"It's an amazing paradox: the more we focus on making ourselves happy, the unhappier we become. We remain convinced that attracting money, love and influence to ourselves is the road to happiness. Conventional consumerism and social beliefs support this delusion. But an honest assessment of the facts - whether the microcosm of our individual loneliness, or the macro trend of antidepressant consumption - reveals the same incontrovertible evidence that me-ism makes us miserable. Or in the words of Shantideva:
'We all seek happiness, but turn our backs on it.
We all wish to avoid misery, but race to collect its causes.'"
@ page 132*

"One of the biggest problems of busy people is that we feel so much of what we do is ultimately pointless."
@ page 135*

* Page references comes from the 2nd edition soft cover version of the book.

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