Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend Snapshots

The kind of sky that makes me fall in love with Melbourne all over again and again (and again..)

*Easter Feast*

*Julian's Performance @ Sippers, Carlton*

*James, Vikom, me, Shanon*
@ the Darling Harbour

*Roulette table that earns Vikom $100*
@ the Star City Casino

*Me & Shanon* -^.^- *James & Vikom*
@ Sydney Easter Show

*Sydney Views*

*Boris' place of birth*

There goes my long weekend in a blur... Back at work before I know it :P Thankfully it was big pile of fun!

1 comment:

'Lil Cookie said...

hehehe.. looks like fun!! iri iri.. sydney keknya seru yah.. tp mahal buat kesanannya