Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dedicated to FV3! =)

I argued hard with myself whether to post this on my blog or not (considering the topic). Then I thought - heck - we're all adults here! If you do not agree - read the last sentence of the quoted extracts! :P
This is what we do all day in Wayan's shop. We sit and talk and Tutti draws pictures and Wayan and I gossip and tease each other. Wayan's got a bawdy (translation: vulgar) sense of humor, always talking about sex, busting me about being single, speculating on the genital endowments of all the men who pass by her shop. She keeps telling me she's been going to the temple every morning and praying for a good man to show up in my life, to be my lover.
I told her again this morning, "No, Wayan - I don't need it. My heart's been broken too many times."
She said, "I know cure for broken heart." Authoritatively, and in a doctorly manne, Wayan ticked off on her fingers the six elements of her Fail-Proof Broken-Heart Curing Treatment: "Vitamin E, get much sleep, drink much water, travel to a place far away from the person you loved, meditate and teach your heart that this is destiny."
"I've been doing everything but the vitamin E."
"So now you cured. And now you need a new man. I bring you one, from praying."
"Well, I'm not praying for a new man, Wayan. The only thing I'm praying for these days is to have peace with myself."
Wayan rolled her eyes, like Yeah, right, whatever you claim, you big white weirdo, and said, "That's because you have bad memory problem. You don't remember anymore how nice is sex. I used to have bad memory problem, too, when I was married. Every time I saw a handsome man walking down the street, I would forget I had a husband back home."
She nearly fell over laughing. Then she composed herself and concluded, "Everybody need sex, Liz."

* Extracted from Page 276 - 277 from Eat Pray Love

Gosh! It is such a well written book - I'm already planning to re-read it again even though I haven't finish the book!!! :)

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